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Predators Prequel Comics Out Now!

Last week saw the release of the first issue of the Predators prequel comic series and the second issues was released barely days ago. The final two issues are due out on the 23rd and 30th of June. Below are links to previews for all 4 issues:

The prequel features two stories, one featuring a squad of Navy SEALs & Nolan, the other featuring Royce. So if you’re interested in finding out what happened to these characters prior to the events of the movie, be sure to pick the comics up from your local comic book shop (or online failing that!).

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  1. xenomorpher
    So far I really like the run, though it's not perfect. The interior art isn't great, but it is WAY better than AVP:TWW that has those bucked-toothed aliens in the background. I really like the two stories in one. The story with Brody's character I read was originally cut from the script, or elements of the story I should say, so it will lead right up to the movie! Pretty exciting stuff.
    I never realy liked the Predator's comics (except Predator big game and 1718)

    In Predator concret jungle we can see preds getting killed by a shotgun single shot(contradiction with Pred2) or even spacecraft destroyet by a simple RPG shot :-\   that's so shameful for the Preds (in the comics they are so vulnerable)
  3. modprcar
    well we know now what happens before the movie even starts
     i reckon there will be a predator team up with royce & the classic pred to take on the super preds >:(
  4. Gort Pred
    yeah i'm with you fuzion. I don't like that. I don't like the drawings either, or care for the story. I care for the movie, not this. Oh well, atleast we still have the older Predator comics that were great
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