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Predators Invading iPhone

As some of you know, a Predators game published by Chillingo is due out for Apple’s iPhone, Touch and iPad this July. IGN have posted their impressions of the game as well as a new trailer from E3 2010. The preview reveals you’ll be able to use the Predator’s trademark weapons and there will be 24 stages in total.

The game will be available via the App Store July 1st, 2010. Thanks to Dzuksi for the news.

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Comments: 16
  1. Capsule
    It's not an excuse that it's an iphone game. This game looks boring as fk. Alien swarm with humans. Total ripoff. Not gonna buy and wouldn't play if I got it for free.
  2. ColdDeadEyes
    Pathetic? its for a phone ffs, dont talk rubbish. It looks fine for an iphone game, alot better then the majority of shit thats in the app store anyway lol
  3. frankaster
    for a licensed movie tie-in portable game for the iphone it looks pretty nice, the characters are wll modeled, not a expert of this kind of game, but i wish they port this to the psp just for some mindless 2-hour phun!
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