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Ridley Scott Talks Prequels

Ridley Scott was answering questions in LA during the Hero Complex Film Festival on Sunday. The Alien Prequels came up, of course. You can find a report on AICN. Here’s the main points. Beware, some spoilers.

  • The scripts for both Prequels are complete.
  • You’ll find out who the Space Jockey is and where he originally came from.
  • The Prequel will go further into terraforming and focus on the reality of what it takes to leave for another planet.
  • Ridley Scott also implied that the the Space Jockey isn’t a creature itself, it’s a suit with a being inside.
  • Collider also posted their report and mentioned that he had done a lot of underwater research for the movies.

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  1. Light
    Honorless_Predator... Ridley Scott made the first Alien film, Blade Runner, Gladiator, Black Hawk Down. He is a good director mainly when it comes to sci-fi.
  2. Light
    The space jockey suit WILL be made up of organic flesh likes the ones from Independance day. Years ago ridley scott said that the space jockey's space ship was a war ship that dropped the Alien eggs on enemy worlds to destroy them. I wonder if these new Aliens films could also be war films :o
    i'm all for this idea of Ridley Scott directing the 2 prequels to the Alien movies. i cant wait to see the space jockeys and i'm sure Ridley is doing his best to get H.R. Giger on board to create the look of the space jockey. its true about the space jockey that is a bio-mechanical suit and that there is an humaniod lifeform inside the suit. which i believe that their world was very toxic and why they had to have those bio-mechanical suits on to survive and is what led them to create the galaxies ultimate weapon the XENOMORPHS!!
  4. Goji62
    Hey, Kimarhi, start with yourself.  Still, you are right in one way -  that would be horrible.  GrimyGhost - VERY good point.  It WAS fossilized, according to on screen dialogue!  And it's ribs were burst outward...  There was no sign of ribs within ribs, but you know, if the creature inside was permanently inside, I could forgive a bit.  It was grown into the chair, after all...
  5. Dallas001
    I wonder who will be doing the creature fx. I hope with Giger and Stan Winston/Legacy FX they can do it. Otherwise we will get the cheap ADI looking stuff again.
  6. RoaryUK
    "Ridley Scott also implied that the the Space Jockey isn't a creature itself, it's a suit with a being inside."
    Kinda saw this one coming ages ago, probably an idea Scott derived from Indepedance Day.  Ok that's fine... so long is the guy in the suit wasn't human the whole time, lol.
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