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  1. kane
    these predators definently have a different feel about them but i thinks its a really good thing. i'm also thinking that the actual hand to hand fighting might be a bit choppy but im sure that this movie will make up for it with sheer firepower. its looking good in my eyes.
  2. RougeAlien84
    Christ all mighty, WAY more negativity than I expected. Are you people ever satisfied?

    Everything looks great so far. Seriously, at least they don't look like f**king huge wrestlers wearing costumes anymore.

    Let's just hope the Yaujta don't "roar" like lions either...
  3. silent
    great stuff but why show the a pic were it shows the fight between the 2 of them??? i mean we all knew this wanna ganna happen but o well loosk good lool
  4. andy_07
    also, i love the super preds helmets, especially the jaw one.  either way, i must admit, i will like the movie because i am a fanatic.  i liked avp, and avp-r.  i did hate the preds face in avp though!
  5. andy_07
    i have mixed feelings of the super preds face.  some look good, but some pics look weird.  i could see it though.  a clan experimented on, and now they want revenge.  that would make sense.  at least they keep with each pred looking slightly different to give them personallity.  i cant wait for the movie though!!
  6. alien90
    are you guys high as a kite??? those new Preds look awesome!! the movie would be boring as hell if they had the same "original" pred look... thats why i liked P2 so much..
  7. atomicpunk
    well i dont like the faces and dont care for the tusks on the 1 pred.and the jawbone on the other.preds wouldnt put something like that on their masks it would get in the way of i said before cant beat stan winstons designs and the pred in pred 2 was the best looking (sick).oh well hope im wrong but looks kind of lame.
  8. Brego
    Its the eyes.  They dont seem as life like as in the original or for that matter AVP or AVPR.  As mentioned by someone earlier you cant judge by these images as they dont seem to have been digital graded as the actual film probably will be.
  9. naska
    BSP unmasked looks like the monster from "till dusk till dawn". I personally don't like the head's design. Though with the mask on the design is cool
  10. Starkiller
    the pic of the super black pred roaring at the original pred is awesome! it actually looks mean and scary, will look alot better on film, im all up for these new designs, both avp and avp-r updated versions of the orginals are getting boring, we need something new, fresh, bold and exciting, im hoping this movie will turn out good.
  11. mcg
    new preds look like stuff from a  cheap sci fi chanel movie!!!!
    i hope they look better in the movie.
    one good thing.
    no merchandise to buy beause these designs SUCK in my opionion!
  12. thomas
    Crap...that face...oh that horrible face. Very creative, but SO over the top its crap. The original predator is ok with his mandibles open. But when they are closed it looks like shit and his mask is fatter it seems around the cheek.Looks like they used the same head mold from the first AVP. The BSPs look ok with their masks with the exception of the one without bones on it. His seems so big. Why can't anyone stay with whats been laid down by the greats before? Why can't they stay 100% accurate to the original designs? No everyone has put their own crap touch to it, or use shit from the prior movies to same money...I'm done with these movies. I stopped caring at Predator 2 And Alien 3. The rest are bastardized versions...I'm not even going to wait till the movie is out to pass judgment. It will bomb. And if it doesn't suck ill put my foot in my mouth. But this is the slip up I was waiting for. Goddamn Robert Rodriguez!!!!
  13. Turnaround
    Looking forward to this movie and been following everything on this great site. That "super predator" face though...I literally spat out my beer with laughter.
  14. Dual Blade
    I love how people have already come to their own conclusion about the film, ' epic fail ', I tell ya some fans here really are hard to please. They have to expose the black predator's face as so you can see the details, under the right lighting when lit well you'll ses the facial expressions work better, the bl;ack predator will convey that mood I'm sure.

    What I'm saying people is try to have an open mind, their only stills, this movie will be good I'm so sure.
  15. Jonny05

    Erm, if your a "true" predator fan you'd be pissed off at those pics.  Sorry, but this film is looking pathetic, the new Preds are cheap looking and like something out a bad TV movie.
  16. thetruthasalways
    everything is perfect so far all the nay sayers should go back to watching the movie that they idolize AVP and leave predators to the true pred fans
  17. WolfPred87
    the unmasked versions are figures so they will look much better on film where we can see them in all of their glory.  as for the face design, I admit I was a little apprehensive when I first looked at them but seeing it over and over now I am loving the new look.  They look menacing and quite scary.  Yes, they have tampered with the look, but overall design, no.  You can still tell that it is a predator, it's just one that is part of a clan that is brutally violent that rewards it's young warriors for their creative killing abilities that seem to break many of the predator laws
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