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Even More Production Stills!

This kinda deservers a news post all to itself. 81 new high quality production stills from Predators have been released! Check them all out here. There’s all sorts of pictures of the Classic Predator, Black Super Predators, the main characters. As before, there’s major spoilers.

 Even More Production Stills!

Huge thanks to ikarop for posting these.

Update: 20th Century Fox has removed all of the images but you can still find them if you know where to look. :lipsrsealed:

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  1. Grey_Yautja
    Heads are too big, and they should be a tad more muscular. Some masks look ok, but others are just ridiculous. But only after the movie is released and I see it will I have a real opinion.
  2. Duffman96
    if there are predators that have to kill each other that is just wrong  :'(     but on the bright side cant wait to watch this movie only 3 weeks to go it looks so cool ;D
  3. nay sayer
    raegoutcast learn to spell man. DESIGN.

    Bad blood its their opinion. You have yours. If you can settle for piss poor design be my guest some of us are true fans of the original work and wish to see it carried on right or not at all.
  4. atomicpunk
    just maybe everyone is just looking for a great design but with the old twist not some cheap shit with jawbones and tusks added on to their helmets and whats up with the armor how lame is that. look at all the cool shit pred.2 had these cant even compare! this movie is gonna be lame another fox will make money tho.because tru will go see it and they no that so see u at the theater.
  5. Gort Pred
    I know I'm seeing it. I'll be in the theater midnight showing for my dad (RIP) who got me into Predator when I was little. I missed out on seeing any of the Predator and Alien movies in theater so I can't say watching AVP and AVPR in theaters wasn't  a blast cause it was. Watching them after was not so great on DVD. But I'm really pumped to see this movie, AND the two new Alien movies
  6. glimmer515
    Im so mad they removed the pics!! I got to see them right before they took them off but i wanted to write a blog about them. Owell!! I have to say some of the Preds do look a little cheesy but still cant wait to see the movie< i think overall its gonna be really awesome  :o
  7. alienkiller
  8. rageoutcast
    dear god shutup you people act like babies who gives a f**k if the deghsine isnt perfect!!! you now if these desines were in the origanal movie, and they used the desine frum the first movie every1 would cumplain that they wernt the same still!!! you guys arnt complaining on how it realy looks u guys are complaining that its not ewtactly the same as the origanal
  9. ColdDeadEyes
    this looks awesome :) ofc take into consideration that its stills from the scenes so no effects added so itll look even better in the movie :D
  10. bladehuntr
    Honestly? you people are basing your opinion of pre-production photos that may very well be early photos for concept of the actual shots. You know not everything they show pre release end's up in the movie, everyone remember the skinned predator pictures from AVP-R? didn't get into film, The main chick on a 50 cal shooting shit? never got even seen past the trailer. And These super predators (which not all are black btw) are ment look like messed up predators. Roid rage preds if you will. and to me they look great. I can't help but feel the abomination that was avp-r slowly fade from my memory once this film comes out. this is what we deserve to get. not rubber faced ADI pieces of shit. and I don't know about you, but I'm gonna be in the theater opening day no matter what.

    So here's to a bad ass new age for predator fans.
  11. Bad Blood
    There's a lot of whiney people here.
    "Oh god, no, the head is wrong, the proportions are wrong, it's SO OVER THE TOP, I'm crying", please, if you don't like the designs, spare us from your stupid comments.
    I'm really pleased, and cannot wait to see the film. Cheers!
  12. r0x0rs
    Another note, the close up of the classic predator with its mouth open real wide, you can see the mesh fabric on the inside of its mouth, they better digital that over so i cant see that during the movie or ill question Rodriguez on his ability of fining out the details.
  13. Dutch_Oven
    The new face could look pretty sweet on film..these production stills don't do it any favours though. Like the fact that they have tried to make it 'scary' again.

    Really digging the old-skool  'hero' predator look.

    August can't come quick enough! Crappy UK release dates :(
  14. walker31
    The classic doesnt look that bad, but i'm hoping the the BSP will look better on film.  Maybe the camera caught him making a bad expression...?  The sideview of him is better.  To be fair, in some pics of the original 1987 film, the pred looks cheesy, but on film, well, we all know.  I think the mask looks 100% better than the crap in AVP.  That looked pure too latex rubber and I think they forgot the contacts cuz he still had human eyes, that always drives me crazy when i see it!  I'm also glad to see the wrist blades arent too long, from the preview i was thinking we had another blade situation.
  15. silent
    i really dislike how they just reveal the BSP unmasked,is like they just killed a big part of the suspense AND reason to go see this movie o well im still ganna see it lmaooo.
  16. zackpred12
    I hate to complain because I have been dying to see another predator movie that might actually fullfill my needs as a pred fan. I thought I found it. I think the movie will be great until the masks come off. I guess hollywood has no clue that no matter if you give the fans what they have been waiting for which is the original pred design. They can still stay in good graces with them by putting shit designs like that. Love the suits and masks. But that face will ruin the movie for me.
  17. r0x0rs
    My thoughts, the classic predator im quite pleased with. The new predators, im not pleased with, they are way too over the top and look rather cartoonish in my opinion. Didnt see much of the predator dog, but looks interesting. The skinned predator looks way too fake. Oh i almost forgot, Machete cant die!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. yaujta
    i realy like them, 1st glimpse had me in two thaughts but the more i look at it the more i love it, like a fish/spider thing goin on, am sure it will be awsum in the film.
  19. andy_07
    Man I cant freaking wait for this movie!!  The super preds face took a long look for me, but not bad!  and at least they didnt change the blood color.  Looks like they will have 2 seperate clans in the movie
  20. Dude
    Ok i retract my previous comments about the super black predators looking like gremlins and what not but don't you guys tell me that Anytime isn't the best pred ever, i mean look at the cover picture, he still looks bad ass...
  21. anytime
    I was looking forward to this film until I saw that pisspoor excuse of a mask with that red eyed freaky pred, WTF fella? Even the original pred remade doesn't look as good, what does that say about stan winston's studio when they can make a pred face 22 years ago with no notice and have it look damn good in 1987 and in 2010 we still have plastic looking pred masks and rubber looking faces for the preds, get stan winston's studio to do preds. I'm still looking forward to this movie but after these pics I'm not sure what to make of it. Please don't suck!
  22. spawningcarnage
    What's up with the fish predator?  it looks the creature from "The Monster Squad".  I mean, yea it compliments Stan Winston but on the Predator planet?  

    That being said, the designs on the suits are super sweet.  The heads on the bodies look large, but, maybe this will be corrected in after-effects.

    Hands and postures of the "Warriors" are great, they actually look like they have no fear!
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