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  1. 343
    Iced Earth  | 13 Jun 2010 17:15

    Looks pathetic compared to original movies. If it’s anything like that script he wrote.

    Pathetic? What a bullshit. It looks even better. (the look of the movie)
  2. thomas
    The movies still has a chance to be shit. Look at the other AVP movies. So many empty promises. There hasn't bee a good Alien movie since the third one. Nor Predator since the second. Only opening day will tell. But im not getting my hopes up. Hollywood is rubbish now and days.
  3. Stuntman
    I cant take the wait any more. Some nights i go to sleep and i dream that im seeing the i wake up and think "ohhh nooo that cant be right"...dreams are weird; movie is cool in my dream but there's a part where the characters go inside the predship and it looked like it was put together by legos lol...i cant wait to see this so i dont have these phony dreams i want to know the truth!!!!
  4. ninashi
    I'm drooling for new footage of the film, but the other half doesn't want anymore spoilers.
    buyt damn, haven't been this excited for a new film than the first one. OMg I'm going to feel so sick with excitement once I'm in there! I'm gonna explode, aggh can't wait!
  5. eating_puppies
    I'm going to have to jump on the GROND29 bandwagon here. I found myself wondering why I paid to see AVP:R, when anything worth seeing was already spoiled with sneak peeks. The less we see of this movie, the better IMHO. deGRESSOR, "Anytime" is a common nickname for the original Predator. Since the classic Predator in this film is modeled after the original, he has been dubbed by many fans as "Anytime 2".
  6. GROND29
    I think its good that this film hasn't been marketed to death! Fewer spoilers that way and (hopefully) more suprises when we see it! I watched all the marketing footage from the AVP movies before they were released and was really gutted and disappointed when I saw the films and realised they had shown EVERYTHING!
  7. Kobee12
    I just want to point out. Everybody is saying that the classic predator is anytime to in this real life situation. But its really anytime 3. The first anytime was in central america, now this is the one everyone seems to forget- anytime 2 was one of the predators in the ship at the end of predator 2 wearing the classic bio, now this predator is anytime 3.
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