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  1. Tinman
    My biggest problem with these posters ... is that they show the Predator!! The original and famous Predator movie poster for the original film showed an eerie infrared targeting reticle over Arnold. It did not show the Predator at all, and made the suspense and unveiling of the Predator during the film that much better. I know a lot of people have seen the original film and know what to expect, but for those newcomers, showing the enemy straight off the bat in the poster is kind of spoiling. I vote for a poster similar to the original, somehow from the perspectives of multiple Predators as they close in for the kill (or something). That would be cool imo.
  2. Lar'ja Thwei
    Woah..the trailers are amazing, but uh..yeah these posters blow, same kinda shit you see with any other movie. They need somthing new, hopfully there will be more, better ones. Oh and, no movie could be worse than AVP R..
  3. sir whinealotz
    "omg these poster are sooo awesum, they are the greatest thing since the wheel was invented"  ::)  @Neilsonshire1982

    These look just as crappy as all the previews, pictures, trailers and general information released. Looks just as bad as avp 2 or worse.
  4. emselurniak
    I rather like both. I do hope they did an okay job with the movie. :-X  All the recent A/P action has me giddy  ;D  (meaning AVP3 and the new Predator movie).
  5. aussie_ predator
    Hey guys i know this is really been answer before
    but is this really a reboot or  sequel beacuse watching the trailer played in the cinema got all my friends interested they like the predator film.

    So is this a reboot or sequel?
  6. Neilsonshire1982
    @cabbageheat i merely made a point . people on here just like on youtube like to whine and bitch all the damn time . thats all i was saying and im not wrong . end of . im not wasting anymore time on this coz omg its just getting daft .
  7. cabbageheat

    Its a public forum.  Your going to get varied opinions.  Some like it, some don't.  But asking people to "stop complaining" is ridiculous.  How about I say "everybody stop admiring these movie posters!".  See how stupid it is....either way?  ::)
  8. Fleshtrap666
    gravity would be an issue, but according to some people predators actually breath MORE oxygen then humans and can only survive in earths atmosphere for about a week without a breathing apparatus. So breathing more oxygen would be an issue over time, but admittedly it might do some good lol.

    Then again this isn't the predator home world.
  9. the_Predator
    The movie so far didn't really show any sign of being bad, however I am still nagged by the fact that they have perfectly breathable atmospheric and gravitational conditions on whatever planet they're on. But oh well...
  10. deGRESSOR
    how many movies are going to use the tagline "fear is reborn"?!  I thought this film would of been better off not having any tagline at all.
  11. Gort Pred
    Eh. the only thing I like is that we still have no CLEAR look at Mr. Black, so I'm living the mystery behind seeing him until the movie itself. Ya know I do like seeing the classics in Scar's mask back there
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