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AvP Redemption Released!

The long awaited Aliens vs Predator fan film AvP Redemption has now been released. We first heard about this fan film back in February 2008 when the teaser trailer was posted in our forum by its creator Alex Popov. It took over two years to make. What’s special about this fan film is that it uses CGI mixed with live action which no other AvP fan film has done before.

I think it easily surpasses the last fan film we saw, S.E.E.D, by a long way. There’s a lot of wonderful things in there. Thanks to Alex for making this fan film and for keeping us up-to-date with it for the past couple of years.

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  1. Lucky
    ok so it took 1 person 500$ and 2 years for 20 minutes. i am horrible at math but lets say fox went about the same way you did it. anyone know how long it took for them to make it? for avp it was 60million and the movie was 100 minutes. not sure how many people they had working on it. guess with tons of calculating and crap maybe someone could get a rough estimate on how much fox could of made avp for. maybe just a few thousand instead of tens of millions lol. wow fox sure is loaded with a bunch of morons who dont know how to budget. ALEX YOUR THE MAN!
  2. i hope
    You must work with fox! Why cuz if you areable to do such a movie alone with extremely low resources then with a full experts crew and $50.000.000 budjet you WOULD ROCK . Exelent work !!!
  3. Frog
    It was really good!  I am amazed at how good it looked!  It had to take a hell of a lot of work to get all those CG assets built and animated.  I loved how you used the Sulaaco from ALIENS!  Much better than both AvP movies!
  4. DeeZire
    Loved every minute, what a fantastic piece of work! When I say a great amateur attempt I mean that as a compliment - but you really should be some sort of consultant for a real AvP movie, you hit the spot just right. Thought the Pred gadgets, especially the shield, were very well done indeed without going over the top. Thank you, enjoyed watching it, can you upload a d/l version for my iPod :D
  5. Light
    Whatever i say, it's not enough for such a masterpiece...
    I watched it for the 3rd time and i seriously think that both AvP movies are absolute crap compared to this.
  6. alexpj19
    guys, got an awesome news, just got a first email from LA agency, they are interested in representing me, hopefully they will get me some fox executives, so i could pitch a new AVP or something, that would be awesome :) fingers crossed, will let u know whats going on with that.
  7. p1nk81cd
    20 mins of EPIC fighting with Shithot homemade props, Sweet music and CJI effects that are brill for a fanfilm,
    Films like these are something not alot of people are so dedicated to finishing perfect, thumbs high.  

    I give this 5 out of 5.

    Great job Alex ;D
  8. vader1231231
    f**king AWESOME!!!!!!1

    I mean, god damn that was good! I enjoyed it MUCH more than AVP 1 & Requiem. Now, imagine if this guy had appropriate equipment and a larger budget!!!
  9. alienfighting
    8)  ;D   verry good !!!!! awesome !! perfect !! For me it's the better fan movie that i was saw in my life today !!
    I'm french and I have wait for this, during, i think, a litle more that 1 year ! ;)

    Thanks for your job alex ! (my name is alex too ^^)
    and i'm too a director so look my job here and tell me your opinion ;)
    (this is my first feature film and i have directed this at my 15 years old !!) ;)
  10. Throwback
    It was good and impressive.....but can we get an AVP film that doesn't have the same ending over and over again?!?!  Plus more than one Predator in an AVP film and/or book that don't get killed early?!?!  Same old story everytime nothing changes.....
  11. MxBxM
    Yeah, I really meant the wristblade thing as general for close-range combat. Everyone that saw AVP understood the "right of passage" for the unexperienced Preds. One Alien killed 2 Preds and it was acceptable and believable because they had no experience fighting Aliens, especially the Celtic, which seemed to have forgotten or did not take into account the Alien's accidic blood would melt the net. On AVP-R, we clearly get a much more experienced Pred, with a scar telling us of his previous encounters with Aliens. Some of the fights are not set-up or thought out preoperly since when Wolf grabs the 2 Aliens by the neck, they could have stabbed him or if he would have shot his Plasma cannon, he could have been sprinkled with acidic blood. I understand all the Alien fans that got their feelings hurt while on their period. The Pred in Pred 2 sustained various point blank wounds from a shotgun. He did not die. I doubt an Alien would survive that. In Aliens, The Xenos were killed with pulse rifles and Turrets from far. I don't about you, but a point blank shotgun blast seems deadlier than unloading a few rounds froma clip, look at 50 cent. My point, I think that given all the evidence, Alien bodies are a bit more fragile than Preds. Also, the Pred blood as said in another post, has stuff in it that I guess does somewhat the contrary to what Alien blood does. Look for Concrete Jungle for the best reference to this. And let me rephrase this again, A queen will kill any Pred regardless of the experience if he does not have powerfull long range weapon such as a Plasma cannon, rifle, gun, turret, etc.
  12. Krusher
    For those that say that humans have to be in AVP movies just to have a story and characters to relate have to take a look at this because I thought if fleshed out this would be an amazing movie. Perfect setting, designs and the aliens were at least smart to create a trap unlike the bum rush and die aliens of AvP movies.
  13. strangedemon
    Excellent fan made movie. I would have liked to have seen a pulse rifle myself since the sound effects were there. I have made a few pulse rifle props I would have let you borrowed ;D  The predalien design was cool. I enjoyed the mixed music from the previous films. Excellent Pred camo as well. Well executed Alex A++ for you.
  14. Lar'ja Thwei
    HF, predators train for fighting aliens before they actually do, they have more than technology and long range weapons(combi-stick), amazing melee skills, and their smarter than the aliens..and, if a predator stabs an alien with his wristblades theres not going to be galons of acid shooting out in 50 different directions.Im not saying the blood won't go shooting out..but it is not impossible to avoid it when up close, ALSO predators have shit in their blood that slows down the acid greatly. One more thing, predators also have armor..which will slow down acid, and protect them from clawing. Off to glue my Sideshow Big Chap aliens foot back on!
  15. stealth bunny
    Top marks alex, I was very impressed you showed great imagination in coming up with new pred gadgets that felt proper and a great overall film, really hope you do more in the future but in the meantime I'll be watching this many times, thank you.
  16. m138jewski
    its funny how the concept of this is better than both avp movies combined. obviously cheesy, but the idea would have made for a far better movie than the other 2 abominations
  17. HF
    @ rockinyautja :

    A ''bad example'' indeed. Because in your ''bad example'', the ants would actually be just as big as the scorpion... That kinda change things a little don't you agree? And they would be just as, if not stronger, than your scorpion and have acid for blood... A bad example indeed...

    Remember that the only advantage the Pred have over the alien is his technology and long range weapons. But at close range, the alien automatically gains the advantage. As almost any damage the pred is inflicting to the alien, will result in the pred being directly exposed to acid.

    One big thing people tends to forget is that the alien's blood is not like ''normal'' blood. Meaning that the pressure inside the alien's body is far greater than the pressure inside the human body for example. The Alien movies made a great job of showing us that very important fact.

    A predator can't simply use his wristblades, nor any other bladed weapon for that matter, to slice and dice an alien. For the simple reason that he will be trenched in acid in no time.

    I could go on and on on this. Just realize this, and you will understand that wristblades and daggers are the worst weapons you could use against an alien.
  18. newbeing
    Probably the best AvP film ever made for a fraction of what the hollywood films were. Great sense of environment and mood. The aliens looked like Aliens and the Pred Alien looked better than what the professionals came up with. Congrats.
  19. Lar'ja Thwei
    Thought i quit WoW lol..just saying, i would expect a predator to be able to take on several aliens at a time before being defeated (if hes experienced of course..). Now listen i am a HUGE alien AND predator fan. I love them both equally, so im with you all..but the fact is that a predator has a way better chance against an alien, and thats what makes it awesome and more interesting. Bad example but imagine say.. a scorpion attacking a colony of ants, the scorpion (predator) will most likely kill several ants alone, but when all the ants(aliens) start coming together and attacking the scorpion(predator) at once they will kill it lol. Thats what the aliens are supposed to be in the AvP genre, and i love them for that because its not like Godzilla Vs King Kong..or Freddy vs Jason..but get my point. Once again i love them both! don't hate!  :D
  20. Katarn84
    I always wondered what happened to the Sulaco after it jettisoned Ripley on Fiorina... quite impressive movie, I've seen higher budget works a lot inferior to this. This is just amazing!
  21. MrFacehug
    And a side note to MxBxM, I think you're underestimating the Queen waaaay too much. A Predator with "better weaponry than the wristblades" would still lose. Sure, if he had a plasma caster or something he might win. But if we should go by the way you're saying it, a Predator with a COMBI STICK would be enough to defeat a queen, which is utter bullcrap.
  22. MrFacehug
    Yes, the comics started the whole AvP-phenomena. But the comics also invented crazy stuff like the Alien king. "Aliens vs Predator" was just one of many ideas that FOX took interest in and decided to implement in the movies. And in the movies, the rules are different. If all you Predator fanboys would like to see a bunch of Predators slaughtering Aliens, stick to the comics. The movies, on the other hand, should've been handled with more concern for both species. The first movie made the Predators look ridiculous in comparison to the Aliens, and the second movie did the opposite. I'd like to see a third one where the creatures fight on equal terms, not one species easily overpowering the other.

    And to comment on Jigsaw85, it's called AlienS vs Predator for a reason, it takes more than one Alien to defeat a Predator. I agree on the fact that the Aliens are mistreated in most media, but I don't think one Alien could stand up to one Predator, simply because of the Predators' varied weaponry. In a melee-fight, however, it should all depend on the experience and training that the Predator has. And in most cases, the Predator would win, but it shouldn't get away without getting damaged.

    Ignoring the experience-level in the Predator is very stupid. It's just plain logic that a Predator who've never faced off against an Alien would have more difficulty defeating it than a Pred who's faced ten of them before.

    No matter what AvP:R tries to tell us, I still think of the Alien as the superior species. Still, that doesn't change the fact that I love the Predator-creature as well. I just want to see an equal movie, without one winning side. I want the fanboys to shut up and watch a movie where both sides of the AvP-fandom would get satisfied.
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