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More Alien Anthology Details has released some more details on the special features included in the upcoming Aliens Anthology:

  • Aliens “Colonial Marines Helmet-Cams [5:08 Min.]
  • Aliens “Deleted Scenes” [4:05 Min.]
  • Aliens “Family Guy Clip” [0:27 Min.]
  • Aliens “I Can’t Breazhe” [0:38 Min.]
  • Aliens: Ride at the Speed of Fright (Sim. Ride Video/Pre-Show Video) [10:20 Min.]

You can view more features here and here. Thanks to DazAvP85 for the links.

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  1. Mr. Clemens
    I wonder if the 'Bishop encounters alien in conduit' scene will be there. It's in the novel, and a friend of mine (who hadn't read the novel) *swears* he saw it on television years ago. I don't know if I believe him, but it *was* in the novel, which he hadn't read...

    Either way, finally having these films on blu-ray is MORE than enough incentive for me. :)
  2. Guest
    I'm only getting the BluRay Quadrilogy if the bonus features are significant enough a step beyond the current set. Otherwise it's hard to justify buying 4 films again, 2 of which I never watch, for $100, just for better video/audio quality.
  3. Ash 937
    Yeah, the quadrilogy box set is more than enough to satisfy all of my Alien cravings at anytime.  The only way FOX is going to get me to buy these things again is if they pack it with an all new Alien film.  When the prequel comes out, they will release another "new" box set and I will make my purchase then...until then I have everything I need.
  4. Guest
    Yeah, de gressor let's not bother watching all this new stuff and wait another six years for both prequels to come out on dvd so we don't waste our precious £60 on another boxset. Makes total sense.
  5. deGRESSOR
    I'm not buying these movies for a 4th time.  You know they're just going to make another box set that will include the prequals.  don't be a tool. 8)
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