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Nimrod Antal on Predators

IESB have just posted up an interview they did with Nimrod Antal, director of Predators. I believe this was done sometime ago (around the leak about Fishburne being cast):

“Well, Predator 2 was closer to the original film than what the AVP films later became so I was more the AVP films that we were dismissing and it was an aesthetic, it was based on the designs, they kept on getting bigger and bigger and longer and longer swords and blades and the weapons became slightly cartoonish by the end there so we wanted to just bring it back and I think science fiction, the best science fiction is grounded science fiction, it’s science fiction you can believe and you buy into and so far as design and everything else that’s what kept us grounded as well.”

He talks about the casting, the effects, some of the techniques. It’s an interesting read. Check it out. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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  1. stealth bunny
    @ANYTIME,good words friend, god knows what stan must have thought when scar unmasked in AVP to reveal flappy rubber cheeks, when 17 years earlier his predator looked amazing!
    I hope the KNB pred's look good.
    So sad that Stan Winston already passed away, with his original designs and the new ones that the monsters master like Winston would perfectly create, this PREDATORS would be outstandingly awesome, RIP again Stan Winston.
  3. David
    @ SpawningCarnage: I don't think it's entirely reasonable to go from "people make bad films" to "society is decaying" in the same sentence.

    So people make awful films, get over it. Don't forget there are still good films being made, even if most others are bad.
  4. SpawningCarnage
    ok, ok, this guy is beginning to make sense, but the Jury will be out come Release Date.  

    Lets see if Millions of Dollars can make a "good movie" today.

    Lets all Agree, Movies suck.  You have trash like, "KICK ASS", and terrible Sci-fi films?  WHY?

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