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AvP PC Patch 4 Released

Rebellion has just released their fourth patch for the PC edition of the game. Here are a few examples of the updates:

  • Fix for a Skybox rendering problem in D3D11 build on Nvidia Fermi cards
  • Various small D3D11 optimisations
  • Fixed rare bug where clients would get stuck on the loading screen.
  • Fix clients not seeing the ‘custom match’ flag updating in the ‘Browse’ screen when the dedicated server was changing settings after initially hosting a match without changing any variables

You can find the full list over Steam. The console editions have also received the first of the patch updates. Keep an eye out for more updates from Rebellion.

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Comments: 6
  1. Fujimaster
    shame they didnt think of this b4 release. good to see they are still supporting the game but dont see many people playing it anymore. I jump on a few times a month and theres always games with over 300ping so i dont even bother.
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