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Aliens Anthology Features

German DVD/Blu-Ray website,, has just posted up the titles and run-times of all the special features in the upcoming Blu-Ray set. Here are a few snippets:

  • Shock & Awe: The Return of Alien with Danny Boyle [25:01 Min.]
  • Dailies: James Remar as Hicks [3:46 Min.]
  • Creating Alien Sounds from the Scratch [2:23 Min.]
  • Fincher’s Alienation [3:40 Min.]
  • Renny Harlin quits [1:51 Min.]
  • Newborn Dick Removal [1:43 Min.]
  • Considering Giger’s Legacy [3:03 Min.]

Aside from Alien, which strangely only gets the one feature, there is over an hours worth of additional features for each of the films. You can see the whole list over at

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  1. Brett
    This can't be all there is - note that there's no mention of the new audio (maybe video?) commentaries, which we know Sigourney at least has done. Plus, they'd be mental not to include 'remembering Dan O'Bannon' and 'remembering Jerry Goldsmith' featurettes on the Alien disc.
  2. Richman678
    The quadrilogy remains the best set of special features ever included in a dvd set before (prob LOTR too)....I find it incredibly stupid they would not include these again. It wouldnt even be that hard, just convert the video. Now if they included the real death scene of Burke from Aliens I would be impressed!
  3. Christian |
    I never mentioned in my article, that these are all the bonus materials we will find on the Blu-ray set. As wrote all the old materials will find it's way to the Blu-ray discs. My article says that these are new materials rated by the FSK, never been found on a former release.
  4. Christian |
    Hi, I'm the owner of To clear some false conclusions: As Bill Hunt wrote on the new Blu-ray set will contain all the bonus materials from the "Alien Quadrilogy" DVDs. The new materials appeared on the website of the German FSK, a similar institution as the MPAA. They rated the old bonus materials as well but I only mentioned the new ones in my article. That does not mean, that there's no possibility of other materials appearing on the FSK site in the near future.
  5. Dudley
    I explicitly said in my last post that if that list of featurettes is in addition to the previously released feautres then it'll be an excellent package - so no, not disappointing... :) I'm well aware that Fox previously announced they would be included, but such things are usually subject to change and an article, linking to another article, saying that these were ALL the special features for the blu ray version see what I mean.  Very pleased to hear that this will be such a comprehensive set then :)
  6. Holloway
    By the way, the same thing happened last time with the Quadrilogy:  Foreign ratings boards get partial chunks of content at a time and release their findings incrementally.  Mark my words:  This is only a fraction of the new content, as the "absence" of Alien pods pretty much proves.
  7. Holloway
    Dudley, Fox officially announced that ALL of the Quadrilogy features will be included.  Old news to real fans.  That, plus FIVE HOURS (so far!) is disappointing to you?  Weird.  And how can you talk about quality versus quantity when you haven't seen any of the several hours of new material?
  8. Dudley
    Holloway, to me they are a disappointing set of features.  I'm talking about expectations here, as is everyone else at this point.  No I haven't seen them...but that has nthing to do with whether or not I can be disappointed by them.  I'd rather have a meaty and in-depth documentary, in the style of what was included with the Blade Runner blu ray for example, than a lot of short featurettes.  
    Also, the news item said it was the complete list of all the special features - there are no more features for Alien to be announced and it would imply that previously seen special features aren't to be included.  If what's on this list is to supplement rather than replace what had previously been released on DVD then fantastic, it's shaping up to be an excellent package ;D   At the end of the day I'll be buying this for the upgrade in audio/video quality - a bare bones package with nothing but the movie would've been a guarenteed buy from me, but it's always nicer to get a little extra, right? ;)
    I'm a massive Alien fan - it's one of the first few films I can remember having ever seen and at an age where I was far too young to be watching such a thing really :D   But does that mean I'll be excited about absolutely anything at all to do with the series, regardless of it's quality?  No.  Perhaps if you were a "true fan" yourself you'd care more about quality than quantity and not feel the need to qusetion the "true"-ness of others loyalties.  Food for thought.
  9. Guest
    great, no aliens deleted scenes. been waiting to see burke's cacoon scene since, like, forever? and there's at least another 30 minutes of deleted scenes in alien 3 they could have unearthed.

  10. xeno_alpha_07
    Shock & Awe: The Return of Alien with Danny Boyle [25:01 Min.]

    I have this already (tv recording)  if it is the same then it's stuff from the quadrilogy with segemts of Danny Boyle inbetween.  Nothing special really.
  11. Holloway
    Um, Dudley, you realize this is all in ADDITION to everything previously released on the Quadrilogy? This represents nearly FIVE HOURS of new material beyond the Quadrilogy extras and they haven't even announced the ALIEN segments yet!  And how do you know they're "nonsense?"  How do you know they're "disappointing?"  Have you seen them yet?  Looks like this has been designed for true fans.  Maybe you're not one, which is fine, but I wonder why you're here.
  12. Dudley
    Really poor and disappointing set of special features, I hope there's going to be more to it than what's listed as it's just downright disappointing in comparison to what was on the Quadrilogy and even the Legacy box sets.  I'd rather have a few in-depth  20+ minute features than all of these 1 or 2 minute nonsense clips.

    Apart from the Newborn Dick Removal, that's gold right there.
  13. stealth bunny
    •Considering Giger’s Legacy [3:03 Min.]
     i wonder if this is what ADI looked at and thought fu*k that we can make them look better,then proceeded to make them look shit, not only that but they got worse every movie,i really hope the get stan winston studios to do the alien prequel. :-\
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