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  1. PyroAcid
    highlydoutful sence a bone on the surface like that whould not last long either it coroaded or broke off. after say millions of years exposed to salt in the air .and humidity. porbley some monkeys on the world they eat.
  2. Roargathor
    That's not a human skull, its a subhuman, probably a neanderthal. The planet was used by the preds for thousands if not hundreds of thousands of years as a hunting preserve.  They probably grabbed some cavemen and along the time line at some point.
  3. alien90
    Highland is right, it doesnt look any different than what we've seen for the past month.... ::)  nothing to get excited about.. I want to see a Predator picture!
  4. tim
    could it be macs skull from predator 1 carried on to the predator home planet/game reserve sinse they both have the same hole in the head from the plasma shot
  5. Stagin 26
    Highland                                                                                      Don't hate,this movie is all about being hard and survival my friend. ;D I love the look of Alice Braga in the backround,now that's a look of intensity.
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