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  1. azazel_fallenangel
    Want, Nay, need that sweet alien egg box. Looks great. And pleasently by the news of extra features, would take more than simply a new box and a 30 year old film upscaled.
    Colour me excited, and tell me where to preorder.
  2. Brett
    Well, yesterday I emailed the link to, a premiere blu-ray website (and whose webmaster is actually friends with Charles de Lazaurika, the producer of this set), and instead of making a post about this leaked art (like they usually do), they've kept totally silent... which likely means that this is the real deal. 8)
  3. Hicks_0998
    hmm good point, also how longs blu-ray been around and star wars isnt even out on it yet? much like the hotly anticipated dvd release of star wars and even then it was a travesty...just want the original return of the jedi without the changed scenes and music mr lucas!
  4. Brett
    @Hicks: Because such mistakes just aren't made when it comes to Oscar-winning franchises like Alien. I'm not saying the set won't look like that - it certainly might. I'm just saying that, if it isn't a fan creation, it's at very least an early concept, from back when they thought they'd have the set out in 2009.
  5. Guest
    @Hicks_0998  Its the Alien3 SE, same movie probably, but with improved audio and reports that some actors were even brought back to re-record their original lines ...that's all we know.
  6. RoaryUK
    Hmm I'm liking this a lot so far, especially with the Alien3 news released earlier.  But I wonder...with this edition due out around Xmas, what else there might be in store for us... the Alien Prequel trailer that would be a nice present!!
    It's about time, I have to retire my quadrilogy.  The card board in it is getting pretty worn out from opening and closing it so often.  Well back to the cryo chamber.  Set it to December.  Maybe I should make the year 2016 just to be sure??  I'm tired of getting hyped up and let down. But this time looks like the real deal.
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