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  1. JAMS
    I like the map's alot,especially the dock's map.Outpost is a good map also.Im alway's a marine and never an alien or pred and i kick ass on both.I like the dock's because of the close corridor battle's and it's like the movie(aliens).....Its a real shame everytime im playing no one or barely anyone is playing with the map's......its a real let down,hopefully they put out a couple more map's like the alien's movie
  2. Bakurenoh
    To be honest the 2 survivor levels i dont like much. Still too dark. Requiem dark.

    Outpost is kind of cool but the Predator dominates on it too easily. Throw some mines in the underground caves and then just hang out on a ledge with a Plasma cannon and you cant be touched.

    Docks is really good. All though i tend to get scared a little inside the building i always leg it out as fast as i can so i can get into the daylight and be certain i'm not being stalked!
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