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Fangoria’s Predators Set Report

Horror website/magazine company Fangoria have just released their set report of Predators:

“We first walk out to one of the film’s most important sets: the hunting camp. You see glimpses of this set in a few shots in the trailer, and it looks even more incredible in person. As we enter, the dense jungle opens up to reveal the camp area, which looks to be where the Predators prepare and skin their prey. Carcasses are strung up, and sharp, tusklike bones jut out of the ground. Director Nimrod Antal wanted a creek of blood to run throughout, and there’s a large metal spike jutting up from the ground, covered in alien markings. It looks like someone or something could wind up being impaled on it, and makeup FX creator Greg Nicotero seems to verify that later in the day.”

It’s a pretty interesting article and the first of what will be numerous set reports to get released. The report mainly talks about the hunting camp as it took place at the Troublemaker Studio’s. They also confirm that the planet the movie is set on is not the homeworld. Be sure to read Days Among the “PREDATORS”.  Thanks to Johnny Handsome for the news.

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