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Rodriguez and Antal Interviewed

Cinematical, have posted up an interview they did with Predators producer Rodriguez and director, Antal:

“How much freedom did the studio give you?

Rodriguez: They were really good. They came down and they were actually great collaborators, because I guess early on they didn’t want to scare me away. They said, “we want you to protect this movie from us. We want you to make it down there and do it your way. We’ll give you a budget, and if you stay within the budget, you can do anything that you want. We don’t know how you make movies down here for that price, [but] we just want to get in the hands of a filmmaker. We know that’s what you do with these franchises that people try to revitalize, like Batman with [David] Goyer or Chris Nolan, just bringing it into their world.” They said “that’s the only way we can pull this off. Do your thing and make it cool and make it a Troublemaker Studios movie, you don’t have to make it a Fox movie. We’ll release it, but you don’t have to make a Fox movie.” So their only thing was make it as good as you can. So they were just very supportive.”

They also talk about the studio freedom and the score and more. It’s a nice little interview. Thanks to ace3g for the link.

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  1. weirdo
    Fox actually KNOWS that the only way to make a good predator film is to stop interfering?  Have they actually LEARNED from past mistakes? Do they now realize that THEY need stop buggering up the franchise and let people do it the right way?
  2. Matt
    I swear to god, the trailer is like redemption for the last 18 years of not trying to make an honest Predator film. This movie is going to kick so much ass. It's unbelievable.
  3. Gort Pred
    Look I find Alien and Predator in the MOVIES whould stay away from each other. Both creatures are really f**king popular and it's f**king hard to keep the human elements in there, and still have the Alien and the Predator fighting. What you NEED to do if the movie MUST be made, is you still hide the charactrers and save tehre first meeting and big final battle for the ending. Like in Aliens, or Predator. Tjis time, you get a big ass fight you'v all been expecting to see, and have been on edge for the whole time. AND you still have character. did I just say a good idea?

    Any way Hicks lol Ridley is doing the Alien prequel....sooo we may be in luck. Besides, I still think RR and Antal know what there talking about. Character is the most important...thing I didn't hear and am nervous about is how they flow with the story. But I am hoping to get more humans and less Preds, that way, when the Preds show up, it's f**king awsome.
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