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Alternate Predators Teaser Trailer

An alternate version of the Predators teaser trailer was shown before Repo Men yesterday. Some scenes have been removed but there’s some additional shots and dialogue too. The shots include a shot of a Predator from the back, and another one running through flames. It’s available to watch over on G4TV in poor quality.

 Alternate Predators Teaser Trailer

Update: You can now watch the alternate trailer in HD over on TrailerAddict.

Here’s some screencaps I took of the new shots:

Thanks to Yautja666, ace3g and Veteran Warrior for the news.

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Comments: 42
  1. Hicks_0998
    @ Gort: yeah good stuff mate, im all for new and open things when it comes to movies and stuff but AvP really fudged that up for me with the lack of....substance more than anything else.  When AvPR came along I wanted to smash that predalien in the face because it was like a spider strapped to a preds body and dipped in tar.  Im not holding my breath for this movie due to the fact I was sodomised with the other 2 but I could be surprised.
  2. Gort Pred
    ohhhhhhh i feel like an idiot lol Hicks you and I are thinking the same. I like the trailer and the idea of a new bad ass predator but I also am nervouse because of the script. I was telling ppl before the trailer even showed up that the movie will suffer from it's script. I still want to see it too but I'm keeping open
  3. Warghost
    Why does this name even matter? It isn't like any body in the movie is going to greet this alien as "Mr. Black." I don't think he's aware of these 'code-names' either. Rodriguez wanted a Predator to look like an Emperor Scorpion. BLACK. That's all it is. He thought the idea of an all-black Predator was TEH SHIT.
  4. Hicks_0998
    nah gort im not having a go at you mate lol im just kinda nervous that the movie will tank coz of the script and elements that weve never had before in the pred movies or comics, still wanna see but dont think ill be impressed.
  5. Gort Pred
    wow Hicks, just saying. I don't know about you, but Mr.Black sounds better then super black pred. I think it's a fitting name like the ones in the comics, like broken tusk shit. Or they could or "we' could just call him "Black"
  6. Hicks_0998
    hmm ok well how about mr tusk for the pred, mr angry for danny trejo, mr fancy pants for royce, mr drago for russian dude, ms black ops for hot chick, mr venom for topher and yeah, bloody brilliant.
  7. Gort Pred
    also tim, I love the original more then anything, but I'm telling you, Mr. Black is going to kick ass

    now heres a question, this new super Predator, or the Wolf Pred????
  8. Hicks_0998
    yeah like here in australia we shoot roos coz theyre a pest now and will overtake the cities just like the aliens did on acheron and the jungle planets in AvP: Prey and Hunters Planet!!!! well maybe not...
  9. Blades
    Yes thats right, it's not the Predator homeworld it's a huntig reserve.  Its the same as we have africa and other hunting areas.  So just think of it as we have Africa but on a different planet.

    As for the trailer i am very impressed as i can see that this movie has a very impressive atmosphere.  The characters arent made from cardboard like Avp2.  I realy like the ending as in the other trailers when you hear that high pitch sound followed by a new predator scream  Other people have commented saying the dont like how they have changed the sound of the predator, i for one dont find it so bad, after all some of the predators are a different species (BSP)as to what we saw in P.1 and P.2 and the Avp movies
  10. Tangakkai
    Please listen to Hicks!

    It is NOT the Predator-Homeworld... it is a hunting preserve that the preds have cultivated as a hunting ground... it's like their XBox if you want it like that... a planet for them to bring their prey and have fun with it...
  11. Gort Pred
    ok since this movie is ignoring all the AVP movies, this is still in the Predator 1 world, this movie is taking place on the Predator home world.
  12. yaujta
    this trailer clerifies the 'oleg' death for sure, u litteraly see it stickin the wristblades into him, then thers the shot of it lifting him up in the air, luv it...cant wait for this!
  13. Hicks_0998
    @ Brian: I was always under the impression it was just a "wildlife preserve" much like parts of africa or india when europeans colonised them and hunted elephants, lions, tigers and so on.  The predator planet i imagine would be much hotter and harsher than that.
  14. Brian c
    Every body that was neglecting me with past comments when I was sayiing this predators movie is on the predator homeworld, everybody said no to me. Well if you go to the and click on the predators youtube page, then go to the video that says trailer for predators, then click on the description and look it says PREDATORS HOME WORLD/PLANET
  15. warchant-D
    Brian, it's def again, it's a rather dark shot, but you can def see something appearing to be a hand of some sorts going to his mouth while hes screaming or soemthing. As i watch again, it appears the object has something shiny on its wrist possibly, maybe a watch???
  16. warchant-D
    whats goin on at 1:20 mark, is that his own hand going to his mouth removing something, or is it someone elses, maybe a pred grabbing or taking something from his mouth???? hmmm....very interesting!

    can anyone else make it out? anyone have any idea???
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