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No Arnie Cameo for Predators

As we all know, over the past few months, there’s been rumours of a cameo appearance from Arnold Schwarzenegger in the new Predators movie.  There’s more news over on TheArnoldFans who attended an event last weekend. Producer Robert Rodriguez apparently said that there will not be an appearance from Arnie.

This past weekend, writer/producer Robert Rodriguez allowed 45 lucky fans the opportunity to see teasers and trailers for his new film. He also confirmed a rumor that we all feared true: Arnold will not be making an appearance in Predators. Very disappointing indeed. To his credit, Rodriguez did approach Schwarzenegger when he began writing the first draft for the movie. It has also been reported that Rodriguez even offered to push back the movie’s production start date until after Arnold had vacated the Governor’s mansion. Unfortunately, none of these tactics worked and we are now less than four months away from an Arnold-less Predator movie.

Thanks to jordan for the news.

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  1. RoaryUK
    I understand perfectly well how the movie busines works thanks, and I still think Predator 2 was a great movie even without Arnold.  But that's beside the point, if he'd wanted to Anrold could have easily done both P2 and T2 since Predator 2 finshed shooting in early 1989 (April I think). while Terminator 2 was done filming in October 1990, that's the point I was trying to make anyways.
  2. Xenomorphine
    Roary, you need to induerstand how the industry works. 'Alien 3' and, especially, 'Alien Resurrection', both got good worldwide returns, but relatively poor sales in the US and Fox dealt with them, accordingly. Domestic sales are what matter to them. Besides... 'Predator 2' really wasn't all that great a film.
  3. RoaryUK
    Arnold was apparently very about-spoken about the concrete jungle setting of Predator 2, the main reason he turned it down, as loads of people already confirmed anyway.  While it's also true he was asked about a second Teminator film, no script existed at the time, and he basically opted for what he thought was the safer option.
  4. Yautjaboy
    I think its better that way ;)  , cause Predator 2 was also without Arnie and it was still a great movie. Predators has alltrough a really good cast with Adrian Brody and Laurence Fishburne. ;D
  5. Albino
    The cameo he wrote in the leaked script was very very lame. I'm so glad Arnold declined. The cameo occurs at the end... and makes literally NO sense at all. He's supposed to be the 'leader' of another tribe!!!
  6. Slugworth
    I read the first draft of the script, and if his cameo was supposed to be anything like that, then we are all lucky to not have the Governator in this movie. Its a cool idea... but I've grown a distaste for Arnie ever since he started running my home state... Get him out of California and keep him out of this movie!!
  7. Guest
    @Hunter Yes! Now we know better! :)

    @RoaryUK I agree with you. Don't bother with my posts, but I know you will read them. =P
    Schwarzenegger declined Predator 2 and decided instead to sign on for another sequel, Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Which was released on July 3, 1991, which MEANS that the timeline of filming Terminator 2 was between 1990-1991. (DUUHHH!)  =P
    & when I meant Predator 3 was impossible I meant that there wasn't a good script/idea for Predator 3. (Another DUUHHH!) XD

    I'm really hoping that this Predators will be good. (fingers crossed!)

  8. Hunter
    Yes. I've heard about that. Arnold didn't like the idea of taking the next Predator into the city. Now everyone here knows better! Arnold turned down Predator 2 because he didn't like the sequels concept!
  9. Guest
    Yes. I've heard about that. Arnold didn't like the idea of taking the next Predator into the city. Now we know better! Arnold turned down Predator 2 because he didn't like the sequels concept!
  10. Brian c
    Yes but predator 2 was 1 year before terminator 2. Arnold could of easliy signed up for predator 2, but instead went to terminator 2. I watched a dvd of predator 1 behind the seens and interviews, and one guy said Arnold didnt want to be the main star in predator 2 because he hated the fact that it was in a city instead of the jungle.
  11. RoaryUK
    "Arnold turned down Predator 2 because he was filming Terminator 2! & after the disappointment of Predator 2, making Predator 3 was IMPOSSIBLE"

    Bollocks on BOTH counts, why the hell do people still come here when CLEARLY they don't know what they're talking about!!  Firstly, Arnold NEVER turned down Predator 2 over Terminator 2  because the latter had't even started shooting, (like Predator 2 1990, Terminator 1992 DUUHHH) and how the hell can Predator 3 be impossible when, even depsite poor reception in US, it did very well at the box office across Europe, and UK especially.  Hell, I wont bother with the rest of your post LMAO.
  12. Elorrra
    Well...if Arnold decided to come back the only place to fit in would be instead of Nolan. I could have been kinda hearth warming...that they sit at campfire and he tells how he killed a predator and got transported to this world. But whatever. Nolan will be just as good. :)
  13. Guest
    @Brian c Arnold turned down Predator 2 because he was filming Terminator 2! & after the disappointment of Predator 2, making Predator 3 was IMPOSSIBLE. That's why Predators is a REBOOT. Predators will be the sequel to the original Predator film. & your comment saying "f**k ARNOLD" just sounded so STUPID! Make sure you KNOW THE FACTS before you MAKE A FOOL of YOURSELF! & it's just as good that Arnold turned down Predators because he will have no reason for being there.
    I HOPE this comment will not make you angry at Arnold because he had good reasons to turn down this film.
  14. Jekku
    I think Arnold Schwarzenegger is amazing and I would love to see him cameo in Predators or even a sequel.  However, saw the leaked script and what the cameo scene was like and I thought it was awful.  I don't think Dutch would've gotten himself into that situation at all.
  15. Brian c
    He turned down predator 2,1996 robert rodriguez wrote a script for predator 3 for arnold to be in it,he turned it down again, and he turned down predators. Nobody needs that wrikley old man anymore. Apparently he does not like to be in a predator movie anymore,maybe for the rest of his life. BUT he was in predator 1 because it was the first one and he decided to be in it so he can show of his cockyness 10 years later. " o i was in predator 1, the best predator movie ever, but i will never do any sequel again because i dont want to, it was just a one time thing" f**k ARNOLD!!
  16. X-O-Set
    A cooler cameo would be if RR dug up the old unused footage of Dutch being interviewed/debriefed that was  rumoured to be lying around, then use that as a flashback at the point in the script where the first Pred is described wiping out that elite commando unit. If that exists, then technically Arnie wont have filmed anything (new) but could still technically 'appear' like he did in T4.
  17. lyonsbearsohmy
    What the ***k about cameos? Isn't this supposed to be a reboot? Any other way, and it will be nothing than a bootleg of the original... ;)  
    Like the teaser refering to the predators at a given time : "they learn, they adapt..."  
    By now with all the Pred crap that Fox produced we've all should of become more cautious and savy about what's going to hit the theaters July 9.
    Just ***king wait till those final credits roll down!!
  18. JRZNIN
    It's too bad the cameo in the leaked script was so awful.  When I read the script the perfect cameo opportunity could have been with the Nolan character.  Of course it would have to be re written to feature the Dutch character instead of Nolan.  But since neither will happen, I just hope this film turns out well for what it is.
  19. OpenMaw
    The Cameo lined up for Arnold was a terrible, terrible cameo. It didnt fit the character of Dutch at all... and it was just a bad ending all together.

    Im sighing a giant "THANK GOD" on this one.
  20. RegularJohn
    well, I think this could be a distraction. I will believe that arnold is not in the movie, when I watched it and he really didn't appeared.
  21. Roargathor
    What Arnie did for the first film, needs no recharge. I can say that I am happy that they wont be going with the ending we all read in that leaked script.  Besides, the Governator has bigger fish to fry.
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