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Predators Teaser Trailer!

The Predators teaser trailer has just this second been released online over on the IGN. The teaser does feature scenes from the Sneak-Peak that was released earlier but there’s lots of new shots too. The teaser starts off in space which quickly cuts to the jungle and all the characters are shown as well as the various locations.

Be sure to check out the teaser trailer in HD over on IGN. You can find almost 90 screencaps in our Gallery.

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  1. Maverick
    Hey, maybe a good ending is Brody almost killing the last predator. And then it arms its self-destruct device, and Brody will run off, and Brody will fall in Nolan's cave before the device goes BOOM!!! And he'll just stay in Nolan's cave, being another survivor in the the game preserve planet.
  2. Guest
    hey david! i agree.i said it many times when avp trailer came out it looked good but then the movie came out and it sucked.then when avp-r trailer came out it looked good then that movie sucked.see the pattern?anyway i hope rodriguez shows how they catch the ninja (jakuza)his skills are unmatched.he could have the skill to kill a pred.better than anyone that would be cool.
  3. This Is Now
    Revengers | 23 Mar 2010 17:28
    Looks pretty amazing, but correct me if I’m wrong; wasn’t that a thermal shot from AVPR?

    yep that thermal shot was from avpr.

    thats because the 'new breed/tribe' in predators dont see in the original blue thermal vision like in the original films.

    we will have 2 wait n see the new thermal vision mode(s)
  4. m138jewski
    I'm still stoked about this, but I kind of cringe at the guy saying "who's your daddy now ...." I sincerely hope this character is developed in a way where this doesn't come off too cheesy. That kind of shit can definitely degrade quality from this movie. Still super geeked on this though.
  5. PredatorHunter
    This looks amazing but has anyone noticed the guy holding the predator helmet so that adds to the excitment  really can't wait till it comes out
  6. leroy
    Did anyone else notice in the sneak peek video relased the other week that a predator was chained to one of them large bronze spikes that we keep seeing in photos and in the trailer. just think its abit strange are the humans realy going to have caught a preator?? not sure about that but im realy liking the rest of predators lets hope it stays that way we have all waited so long for a worthy film.
  7. Space Disc Jockey
    How can people NOT be excited for this? I read the script too and I was a little worried, but damnit this looks GOOD! Really, really good. I know its a teaser, but I totally love what I'm seeing. I believe Robert, Nimrod and crew have truly made a worthy Predator film. I will be there, opening night and know I will see this many times ;D
  8. Bum Burster
    This one *looks* to try too hard being like the first one sometimes. The planet doesn't feel alien at all.
    Also, to bounce off David's words, we have more predators, more gadgets, more tribes, and then all in another jungle... feels like a high budget fan film.
    Perhaps then should have been the time to actually throw some temples and other old ruins into the scenery, minus the xenos. Some people look like they're walking into wrecked stuff, but it feels so man-made.

    Perhaps it's actually taking place on Earth, despite the claims that it's on an alien planet?

    I like the beginning that's borrowed from Cube.
  9. Silent Hunter Tusk
    Very good trailer!

    3 Predators... the wild hunter (with dogs and falcons aliens :P) the blade hunter (big wristblade - like a sword) and the "black super predator" (with the 2 fangs in the mask) the bigger!  
    Excelent work!
  10. Elorrra
    The characters look good and relatable and I am most excited about Jakuza guy. He seems like a good thropy material.
    AVPR had nothing original in it apart from putting the story on Earth in a crowded town. Which sucked.

    Predators have a twist for it no matter how much resemblences are in it about the jungle, having 1 woman in the group, etc...
    These people are on an alien planet and want to save their own neck not help each other like Arnie tried.
    Thats good enough already.

    These predators are not the "honourable" type we have seen so far. Thats good again.

    I think its gonna be way more enjoyable than AVPR. AVPRs even worse than Paul Andersons AVP.
    I wait for July but I have hope that this time its something fresh.
  11. David
    Does everybody remember AVP:R?  You know what I remember quite clearly?  The day the trailer came out.  Does anybody else remember that day? Anybody else here remember the reactions everybody had?
    Does "THIS IS GOING TO BE THE BEST FILM EVER" ring any bells?  The reactions everybody's having here are startlingly similar to the reactions everybody had when AVP:R trailer was released. Honestly, the trailer for AVP:R did look amazing. The truth is, the trailer means basically nothing.  Trailers are for advertising, targetted towards the appopriate demographic. You're SUPPOSED to think it's going to be amazing, that's the reason they made the trailer.  So that you'd pay for tickets to go see it.  
    I for one am not going to be shocked, surprised, disappointed or crying when it's revealed that the film is actually nowhere near as good as expected. Whereas you lot let yourself get sucked into corporate advertising way too easily.
  12. Dutch Stallone
    After watching it a few times and from someone who thinks the original Predator was the best film ever made, I think this new trailer looks amazing! Actually very scary looking. I think we are in for a real treat. Thank you Robert Rodriguez for having a go and bypassing that AVP turd!
  13. Lionsbearsohmy
    As most of you I've been disapointed by the latest silver screen appearences of Predator. The directors seem all to have a pattern when it comes to descriving their movie: Playing homage to the very first one, including some new cool expanded universe thing like new weapons, code of honor , homeworld and the latest, a new tribe (or tribes of predators) and repeating the old lines. We've all seen where all those promises ended up...
    What about the thing that get's us all hooked for over 20 years? Good filmmaking.
    Includes character driven storys, original screenplay with "NEW and  CATCHY LINES", real horror, suspense and tense atmosphere. I don't know why a lot of people dishes out on Pred 2. For me it had a lot of these basic things. If Predators is as good as Pred 2 for me is an achievement. Let's hope that the thing that makes it count it's not the cinematography nor (the warning signs!!!) the dogs and the pets of the preds...
  14. xAvP2MasTeRx
    I am stoked for this movie, it looks great, I won't say it kicks ass just yet, but i got the feeling that it will be a worthwhile successor in the predator franchise.

    Nothing will ever come close to the first predator movie, I am not sure about the second one, but hey, time will tell.
  15. Dutch Stallone
    If its half as good as the original, it will be awesome! Looks like the humans are being lead by a predator on the hill top shot?
  16. David
    Guys - the film isn't going to be very good.

    I've read the script that they're basing this film on.  Okay, so they change a few bits around but the core is the same. The very concept of a "black super predator" is totally ridiculous and idiotic. There is nothing worthwhile in that turd of a script. No director can turn that script into a good film.  This film is going to be terrible.
    Just face it, people, and enjoy it as such. Terrible films can be as enjoyable as good ones if you watch them in the right way.
  17. Roddy
    @ sharky dude don't get me wrong I love predator n predator 2 more than anything but this movie has the potential to be just as good if not better compared to what we have been given in the last few years this is going to put predator right back out there. The only thing that let's this movie down is Stan Winston isn't alive to see his creation reborn :o)
  18. Zod
    I don't think it's going to be actually better than the original but I have a feeling that this might match it and bring something new! eg the different tribe of predators with different hunting methods. I just hope they wait till a decent chunk of time into the movie to introduce the predators to really build up the suspense
  19. deGRESSOR
    I have to agree with Roddy.. so far this one is already looking like it's going to be more gritty, mature, violent and terrifying then the first Predator.. Just the teaser got my heart racing!  :o
  20. Lucky
    the thing im curious about is lets say there are 1 or 2 survivors at the end. wtf are they going to do? unless they hijack and learn to fly a predator ship then fly through the galaxy and find earth, then land it lol. only thing i can think of and this is major crazy is if one of them kills a super pred and one of the smaller and i guess nicer preds see's it and there reward for being so badass is a trip back home to earth? glover gets a gun, sanaa gets spear. adrien a ride home lmao. cant think of any other way they could get back. anyone else have theories? id like to think not all of them die.
  21. Zod
    Personally I think this looks amazing! They've shown enough to give people a good impression but not too much to give everything away! I think this will finally bring some credibility to the predator franchise!!
  22. PuertoRicoPredatorfan
    I want making avp 3 in 2012, Make the war into two species. I want see this war in the predators planet or alien planet. The spaceship arrived for emergency in the planet of alien or one legion colonial marines arrived for wrong point to attack in that planet alien and predator try survivor two species and present predator female and predalien queen i want see in the future fox make the new avp 3 please change director of avp2.

    I happy with the trailer July 9 is reborn the new predator saga yeah!
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