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More Predators Interviews & Live Chat

There’s a new eight-minute interview with Predators director Nimród Antal over on FilmSchoolRejects. This was done at the recent SXSW event in Texas. He generally talks about his experiences in shooting the film. There’s also a short interview with Adrien Brody, Topher Grace and Walton Goggins on They mention that classic lines from Predator are spoken in the movie.

Finally, you can participate in a live chat with Robert Rodriguez tomorrow over on He will be online three times tomorrow at 5AM, 12PM and 7PM PST Time (that’s 12PM, 7PM and 2AM UK Time) and fans will be able to ask him anything about Predators. Let’s not forget the Predators Teaser Trailer will be going live tomorrow so look out for that. Thanks to Lt. Mike Harrigan and Bear Grylls for the news.

*The Live Chat has been postponed until March 31st now.

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  1. Guest
    god its 2:30 would they just put it on there already isnt there anyway to contact fox..protest send them millions of emails to put it on now..they suck they better be lucky we are hard core fans
  2. Guest
    Well at least there actors who can deliver the lines from the first one, without it being cheesy..just give it a chance wait till you see the movie to past judgement cant be no worse that the AVP movies or alien 3 or 4
  3. Deco
    Anyone who has read the script will tell you that this film is going to be a let-down. Not to mention how RIDICULOUS Dutch's cameo fits into the 'story'
  4. predator_fan
    @Gort Pred Please dont be negative yet you have seen anything yet watch then judge and ppl are all dickheads reallly they just nitpick the f**k out of everyting yes AVP film suck but i only love the predators in those movies please ppl don't lose hope yet just give a little more hope this film will be badass im sure
  5. atomicpunk
    well i will tell u the trailer looked promising,but so didnt avp's trailer.i just hope rodriguez shows how the predators capture each of these misfits instead of just showing them dropping out of the sky?would like to see how they capture the ninja?i have some great ideas mr rodriguez. my last couple threads i trashed this movie and rodriguez.i hope he proves me wrong! >:D
  6. HitmonTom
    Not trying to be negative or anything, but it seems like they are going for the gritty reboot. Which is something I seem to recall AvPR going for as well. I have high hopes for this film, but given the track record still a little skeptical.
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