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Newest AvP Patch Announced

Rebellion have released 2 patches for the PC since release. They’ve just recently announced that the 3rd is not far off and that the console versions will also be receiving some fine-tuning:

“Following updates to the PC, including integration of a Dedicated Server client, the company stated: “We are aware of and grateful to the community for communicating with us and helping this process along. The updates are going through rigorous QA and we hope to have them available publicly very soon.”

You can read the full statement released by Sega over on their forums. Thanks to Rebellion’s Eric for the news.

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Comments: 28
  1. Vpg
    What about the Ps3 version lol, we need dedicated servers! XD>Do not want to get flamed< I actually stop playing this game because of the connection issues.
  2. Bugswarm
    This is nonsense, what is Rebellion doing? if they are not gona pump out patches to fix this mess that they made might aswell hand over the mod tools and sources to others to do it. Im sure we have a russian group of geniuses willing to fix the mess. Goes to show the most talented individuals never work fulltime in a company like Rebellion. They even have the balls to pump out a map pack that requires us to pay for it before they even fix the game first. Thats just plain selfish.
  3. Bugswarm
    There is only one reason i can think of why we would even need crouxching. And that is to avoid f**king shooting your teammate as he stand infront of you.
  4. Hemi
    lol@web... I think by now we know how people react over here. ::)  Good debate always ends in screaming and updates of franchise games are never adressing the right problems to these folks. Too bad m8's...your missing out on so much fun.
  5. Anharat
    I just hope the patch is more of a bug/issues fixing patch rather than a ill thought nerf bomb. Anyone else notice how it only says x box live players will notice improved waiting times online?
  6. Bishop084
    Not to beat a dead horse, but crouch really isn't needed. The only time I ever felt like I wanted it was while fighting androids in the single player campaign.

    Let's hope the weapon tweaks mean the flamethrower might actually do something, and the disc gets toned down a bit...
  7. T.L.22
    If memory serves right from the last couple of patches, Steam will let you know when you log in that there is a patch available, and give you an option to download it. Or it will automatically do so if you give it permission to as such. Either way, it IS done in Steam. If you can't update it, then it's likely that you are already up to date or the patch hasn't been released yet.
  8. avpfan256
    Hi! can someone please tell me how to update avp? I am sorry if this is a stupid question. I'm not use to steam :(

    So do I download patch from website like normal or do I use steam to somehow download the patch? again sorry for my noobness :\

  9. Bugswarm
    FFS~ don't some of these people read the bugs and content problems with this game? Roargathor over there clearly didn't go to the forums to read on problems this game it facing. A quad Core and ATI 4850 with 4 gigs is more then enough to run this game on DX9.
  10. Roargathor
    I have a gtx 285 and the game is flawless graphically.  In dx11 mode it stutters in MP, so i just run it dx9.  There's not much a difference visually, and runs smooth as silk.  What the game needs is more networking support.  More maps, and more coop scenerio type game modes.
  11. -Sharky-
    Just hope they add dedicated servers for ranked matches and crouch for marine *crossing my fingers*

    BTW: Crouch is very much needed in this game, people who says that you don't needs to get a clean bill of health!
  12. Bugswarm
    Ok thats a good start, but im still not seeing anything beeing done about the performance issues we are sufering from this console ported game. Lags and stuttering are still there and makes playing the game a chore rather then fun. I would like to add that they should enable AA for DX9 cards too, the thing they did with DX11 is so baised. Im glad they fixing the game one step at a time, but there is still no word on whter Rebellion will actually fix the performance issues at all. Till now we only see new content and servers and tweaks to gamplay. What about performance bugs Rebellion?
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