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L.A Times Interview Nimrod Antal

The L.A Times have just released a short interview they did with Nimrod Antal regarding Predators:

“They are all predators in their own right and they are at each others throats,” Antal said. “We’re expanding the mythology but we’re also making a stand-alone film. And, I hope this doesn’t sound arrogant, but when it comes to imagery that not one of the previous can come close to. I’m very proud of the way the film looks.”

The interview also contains some apparent spoilers regarding the plot and chronological order of the film. So if you don’t like spoilers, don’t read it. Those of you who do: Go crazy. Thanks to DazAvP85 for the news.

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Comments: 11
    This reminded me my thought that those Predators in the first AVP are from suckass unexperienced tribe and the design just horrible nothing can be compare with Stan Winston’s superior designs in PREDATOR and PREDATOR2 and they also have a very different weaponary even their unmasked faces also entirely different from the original designs, perhaps they would create a plot of two rival Predator tribes in their homeworld planet wage war on each other he badass warriors are Winston’s original that dwelled in jungle and the high-tech are AVP predators (but the original jungle Predators also have high technology weapons as well and hunt those AVP preds down very often with superior tactics) from urban area they were unable to defeat the others so they decided to hunt down all deadly lifeforms in the universe especially xenomorphs and humans as trophies in order to compete each other and unleash their warlike behavior instead of tearing their homeword apart.
    I have thought of this since I watched the first AVP movie the creature designs just bad to me I want to see classic kickass Winston’s design again! BTW I think Wolf Pred is a hybrid between these two tribes so he might be an outcast mercenary that worked as a bugs buster for the urban preds. This is just one of my idea if you guys disagree or consider it sucks please frankly complain.
  2. The Necronoir
    I think he's referring more to the fact that each of the human characters are a predator in their own right, not necessarily that the alien predators will be fighting each other (though it certainly isn't ruling that out).
  3. bumble
    he is not over-confident.. He is just honest.
    When you make good shit- You can tell.
    Who saw AVPR and thought it was good?
    I saw what was achieved by this film and it will redefine its genre.
    All the sequels try to duplicate Predator.
    This film does not
  4. Bugswarm
    ok~ he just stated that Preds are gona fight other Preds in the statement. Which is something new actually. Im not gona take his word for it on how the movie will turn out. But from what i am hearing and seeing, i have a rough image on the movie he is talking about. If what i am thinking is certain, then this movie is definately be a successfull Predator 2 remake. If not, well, we always have the Struase Brothers to f**k up our day later.
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