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    I dont like any of the images of this really stupid movie. flying insects with wrist blades on their ass and a weird looking pred-dog. i really think this movie is gonna bomb and all of you fans who have high hopes for this movie will be disappointed but maybe some would like it especially the younger generations. We all had high hopes for the AVP movies and they were destroyed by fox and fox is doing it again with Predators.
  2. Warghost
    From the AOL SXSW write up:

    As if to prove his point, Rodriguez screened just one more piece of footage, a scene in which the human warriors survive an attack only to face down another adversary – a decidedly human-sized Predator who skillfully gets the drop on the group. As the foe keeps him in his crosshairs, Brody's character asks, "what the f*ck are you?" To which the creature responds by removing his helmet and revealing none other than Laurence Fishburne. As the rest of the group looks on quizzically, Fishburne offers an introduction: "I'm the one that got away," he says. "The one you don't f*ck with."
  3. Gnome Smasher
    There's an article about Predators on and from reading some of the article I believe that the concept art of that predator with the smaller head, gun, and ragady clothes is maybe a concept art of Laurence Fishburne's character.
  4. Warghost
    I do not believe for a second that the photo of the insect is one of the Predator's "falcons" they keep mentioning. If it's labeled as such, it's wrong. This isn't what they're refering to.
  5. alexpj19
    so i think Fishborn will be some sort of "Predator Killer" cause in one of the shots he's got a helmet made out of predators mask and wearing predator's wrist computer strapped to his wrist. Plus the gun that he carrying is definitely not human technology.
    And I think human weapons in Halo suckass if they were Colonial Marine I would blow those freakin Covenant aliens away with Pulse Rifle and Smartgun I can't believe that they use a tiny sub-machine gun against giant ogre alien if that alien confront USCMC it would end up in pieces by the 30mm M40 grenade launcher haha
    Is anyone recognized the prototype of PREDATOR before Stan Winston's design replaced it in the first movie I think it has been recycled as a  Sangheili warrior race in HALo game check this out
  8. Stagin 26
    The Nolan concept looks great,I like the tribal nomad look. The planets wild life and Predator dogs look forced,it looks so typical,but overall will work because it is a monster movie.And yes AVP-kicks ass,the insect humanoid,THATS WHAT I'M SAYIN,WHAT THE HELL?!
    @Warghost I agree with you the insect-falcon with tail blade looks horrible unfortunately the decent creature designer who could provide a great one for PREDATOR sequel which is Stan Winston has passed away, I hope they won't use this birdie shit as a hunting falcon it's really ridiculous.
  10. Warghost
    One of the set reports mentioned that "Predator Falcon" or whatever the hell the "bird" creature is looked very H.R. Giger in appearance. That wouldn't strike me as "lame" in the least bit.
  11. Ryan
    I have hopes for this film, but I am still a little worried with the whole plots of the movie. It sounds good in some areas but weak in others. Plus the animal life is interesting, but will it play into the Predator universe well? Let's hope so.
  12. Guest
    Well I quite like all concept art and the flying animal is used by a different species, I just don't know about Nolan's disguise, it may work on screen, let's wait
  13. Omega1
    Is that supposed to be Nolan... Looks like a bounty hunter from Stars Wars, and what the hell is that insect with wrist blades for a tail, is that supposed to be the Predators Eagle... first word that comes to mind is "LAME". This hasn't really inspired me with confidence towards the new movie at all.

    Predators using animals as hunting tools is lame in my opinion, I prefer the idea of a lone hunter combining technology and tradition.
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