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Walton Goggins Battles Predators

MovieWeb managed to interview actor Walton Goggins about his part in the upcoming Predators movie. There’s no new information really, just why the audience will like the movie when they see it.

We went on to ask the actor just what fans of the original movie can expect and why he thinks they will love this new version. “I think that you’re going to get to see a combination of classic Predators with a modern twist told by very, very competent filmmakers,” the actor stated. “I think that the images in this movie are going to rival any other movie in its genre for quite some time,” he proclaimed.

While those are pretty high expectations for the film, Goggins did agree that the movie features a very talented group of accomplished actors and filmmakers. “Absolutely, it was extraordinary. It really was extraordinary. I think the thing that I’m most excited about is our lack of someone that is really big,” explained Goggins. “We’re all regular guys. Except … we do have Oleg Taktarov (Righteous Kill) and he will tell you how big he is, multiple times,” joked the actor. “But for the most part we are all average builds and I think that gives people an opportunity to see themselves in this movie. At the end of the day I think the thing that I’m most excited about is it’s not just an action movie but it’s a movie about these characters that hopefully you will grow to love over the course of the story.”

Thanks to Maxwell for the news.

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  1. Predator:Bounty hunter
    So who care,the (Black super predator) can kinapping
    everyone.And that,the U.S army set the Royce and his soldier
    ,well the history become the truth story in legendary.

    (What about the Bishop Weyland ?)
  2. Vanski
    Im not tuu excited about this movie, but i like that they're tried to do something with the characters. Not sure if they accomplishe in it, but atleast they're trying... trying to convince that they tried   :D    .
  3. Neilsonshire1982
    i just hope they dont disrespect us predator faithfuls by killing them one bye one like in avp , if they dumb down the pred making killing them every 10 mins then it will be a joke . i honestly dont know how this can work with so many preds coz it means they will die one by one coz its a movie and to f**k the preds up on their own planet will piss a lot of us off .
  4. kaljo
    Sounds damn good to me. and yes i agree, the actors are amazing. Danny trejo, topher grace. Adrien brody, thats a freakin great combination. Oh and laurence..damn i can`t wait.
  5. Katarn84
    @ cabbageheat  

    Well, Bill Murray is trying to demolish Ghostbusters 3 and they still have to start filming it, but I think it's just hype...

    But I agree, it's the standard printed interview for a movie, after the first trailer I'll have a clearer image of this, but we'll have to wait for the actual movie to judge...
  6. Warghost
    Yeah, they fluff it to promote the movie, give a hand job to the director, etc. I've never heard an actor of one of these movies slam it or say any thing remotely negative in an interview before the film's release.. ever. I'm sure they're pumped up and loving the "experience" that being in this movie provides, but you really have no idea how this will stand up to the previous films until it's released.
  7. cabbageheat
    Yeah, this does nothing for me.  Most actors and directors say this stuff, all the time, and most of the time, it turns out to be a piece of shit.  you could cut and paste this interview to multiple interviews about any film, and it would fit into that context.  Until I see it.....I'm on the fence.
  8. Tim
    I meant they are showing the video at the festival which most likely is like a trailer and will be uploaded to YouTube on the 12th by someone
  9. spinksy
    Agreed that all the previous let downs have all said they're going to 'give the fans what they want, go back to the films roots etc' and AvP & AvP:R were jokes...

    Sounds interesting though - looking forward to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Purebreedalien
    Nice little interview,

     "I think that the images in this movie are going to rival any other movie in its genre for quite some time,"

    I hope he's right, I'm looking forward to spectacular Predators.   ;D  
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