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First AvP DLC Pack Out Soon

Sega has just announced details of their first DLC pack out for AvP:

“Two new Multiplayer maps for six different online modes (Deathmatch, Predator Hunt, Infestation, Species Deathmatch, Mixed Species Deathmatch and Domination):

Docks: The caustic alkali waters of BG-386 put an end to Weyland-Yutani’s planned shipping activities.
Machine: As well as processing exotic ores, the BG-386 Refinery provided electrical power to the colonists at Freya’s Prospect.

Two new Survivor maps in which up to four Marines battle to stay alive against increasing swarms of Aliens:

Outpost: The site of the original Weyland-Yutani colony on BG-386 was abandoned, and soon reclaimed by the planet’s voracious jungle plant life.

Hive: Deep in the heart of the Freya’s Prospect Refinery lays the Xenomorph Hive.

The “Swarm Map Pack” will be available on 18 March for €5.99/ £4.79/ 560 Microsoft Points.”

The pack, called Swam Map Pack, are the four levels released with the Survivor and Hunter editions of the game.

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  1. Protorian
    I actually think the game is great, but I can see people who aren't good enough to get around the (steep) learning curve getting frustrating and claiming its "broken".  I just think the predator's power weapons are overpowered and require no skill.  However, it's the 18, and no maps on the marketplace.  Very unprofessional.
  2. Darklarik (offline)
    So uh, im sitting here in my living room, its finally the 18th, and im looking at the marketplace and guess what: THEIR ARE NO MAPS!!! >:(
  3. AvP3 Rocks
    I don´t understand any of you guys. I can only say good things about AvP. I haven´t experienced any bugs/glitches or anything else bad. The only annoying thing about this game is that I can´t minimize without f**king up my resolution, but thats nothing compared to how GOOD this game is.

    If they sold DLC for 50$ or more, I would still buy it.
  4. N1TR0 81
    I believe that they should go back to the gameplay type of the original computer games like leveling up unlocks not only skins but stats, weapons, and etc. also that the class system should come back so we don't have like 5 predators all running around with the plasma caster just owning people. any one agree? questions?
  5. NightCoaster
    The DLC is pretty good Hunter was a waste of money i preorder mined just for the skins when i got it i found out thye dont sell the skins in Australia and now the maps getting released to the public. Thats a REAL WASTE OF MONEY!!!
  6. IcEmAn1989
    Don't get it why so many people around here are mad cause they have to pay for DLC? Do you seriously believe that  Rebellion or Sega will release that kind of stuff for free? come on get real. Not a single game developer with some common sense wold do such a thing:P so for the love of god STOP COMPLAINING!
  7. SableUk
    stemot, your advice is crap-
    We have already bought it... it was bad... it hasnt fulfiled any of our expectations... "the ultimate multiplayer experience" was dull, repetitive, unpolished and over reliant on steam, it doesnt play direct x 10, the skins are clearly the same model, taking such short cuts is blasphemy in my eyes. Avp2 offered more of an arsenal for each species and that was a decade ago.This game sucks. To add insult to injury I cant even get my money back. Much like Nudzi, the game is a dust collector for me too. Cheers Rebellion.
  8. Guest
    At least this game has less problems than Modern Warfare 2...other than that, I hope they plan on making bigger multiplayer maps. Maps for example on Infestation that make Marines MOVE around (like Pyramid) instead of staying in one spot all the time and have to resort to Rush Attacks by Aliens.

    I have also said this countless times before, but I will say it again. LETS GET STRANDED BACK IN HERE FOR SURVIVOR!
  9. bILLY
    They need to start paying the us for being their damn Beta testers.  I like AVP but they sold us an unfinished game with more issues than a final release should have.  Now they want to charge us for being Beta testers.  I like the game but it needs alot of patching and moding before I will consider forking over money.
  10. IcEmAn1989
    Guess they will huh:( ah well i for one don't care, already have all those maps so i have nothing to complain about;) to bad for those of you who did not buy hunters edition xD
  11. Bugswarm
    They still haven't fixed the performance bugs you know~ Read about it people, it happens on specific PC's that no one can find out why. Doesn't matter who says what at this point, if the game does bad in sales, no more AVP from Rebellion. They will lose thier supporters and fanbois if the end product doesn't show improvement over Seirra's AVP2. Granted AVP2 has major balance issues and Graphics are pretty uninteresting these days, it still ranks top over any AVP games to date. If we don't see another AVP from rebellion then we know why it didn't happen.
  12. Guest
    ok ok look at it like this there not gonna put 3 skins with one DLC they know if they want us for a sequel they better start puting out the new species like predalien or runner skin and yes them not realesing the skins with this is bogas but look at it like this there not gonna put 3 skins with one DLC they are smarter than tat and stop complaining about DLC 5$ is better than 100$ now you tell me
  13. Bugswarm
    fix the bugs and tweaks first, then talk to us about paying for stuff. It may be just an extra, but they way they are putting all these adverbs and announcements together makes them look selfish.
  14. Guest
    the game is boring, everything is broken and now we have to pay for some extra maps for survival?  Only 2 maps for survival WTF is going on with the game industry.

    We are desperate for AvP content, and they take full advantage of that. Wont buy the sequel at this rate, hoping for Colonial Marines and will forget about this company for good.
  15. nudzi
    The game already died and rebellion, instead of throwing free stuff at us to keep us interested, wants us to pay even more?
    hilarious stuff.
    shitty game, shitty gameplay, shitty multiplayer.
    Four maps for 5$ seems pretty steep. I'm all for DLC and patches, but I want to get my monies worth with it.

    Gonna have to wait and see with this one. The game needs more BIG maps to, and other comments seem to say these are small. That is a problem :\
  17. Proj2501
    I have the Hunter Edition and Machine and Hive are so ridiculously small. Machine especially. You laugh when you finally see what a complete waste this is.

    Levels, that's it? Not a single skin. Lame.
  18. Assburster
    Im still not convinced i should drop money on this game, let alone DLC, I will also assume DLC pak 2 will include the extra skins from the deluxe as well, its great to have the content, but can you make it work right team rebellion? I want to buy this game dearly, show me you can.
  19. Azanode
    @Ephemeriis: Personally I'm glad that there will be more people who own the maps so that I can actually play on them. I got the Survivor edition for the same price as Standard, so it's all fine with me.
  20. ThE DeStRoYEr57
    Ummm...   ???     I got the Hunter Edition and the new maps and the two new maps for survival are Machine and Hive, and the Multiplayer maps are Outpost and Docks.   ;D  
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