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Alien Prequel To Be 3D?

There is an article up at Shadowlocked confirming Ridley’s new Alien prequel will be shot in 3D:

“Ridley told me some of his ideas when we were here in Toronto. He has a very clear understanding of where this should go. They kind of stopped dead one of the greatest horror franchises there’s ever been, and it had legs to go on. So I’m hoping he’ll revive another three. The world certainly wants it, and the fans want it – everybody.”

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  1. Shit Talker
    I personally think they should find some real Xenomorpths and bring them in my front living room, i dont want it to look real, i want it to be real :D
  2. Warghost
    This idea strikes me as terrible. It worked for a movie like Avatar, but for an adult franchise like Alien, it seems more like some immature gimmick to market it to a younger audience. I'm excited for a new Alien movie, but I'm not picturing it in 3D.. Hmm..
  3. deGRESSOR
    3D makes the whole movie-going experience uncomfortable.  It hurts my eyes, it's distracts me from the story, and by the time its over I have a raging headache.  I wonder if we're all going to need eye glasses later on in life from watching too much 3D.
  4. RoaryUK
    Personally, I think 3D is just a gimmick, if you son't have a real story to begin with why bother?  Case in point (for me anyway), Avatar was great to look at but awful to watch. I don't think any Alien movie would benefit from 3D, I mean, isn't it supposed to be about what you cant see anyway?  But what do I know lol....
  5. PLEXI
    As long as the 3D is executed well...then I have no problem with it.  AVATAR was a very good use of 3D tech, only using it to make a subtle difference between the background and foreground.  Spy Kids 3 on the other hand >_>.....   I completely trust Ridley Scott to deliver a solid movie, 3D or not.
  6. Beserkerjoe
    Personally, I don't think cgi or 3-D has in anyway been used to true ALIEN effect. both Scott and Cameron experimented with weird walking crawling postures, two guys in a suit, dangled by wires, speeded up film... If they had computers back then they would have MILKED THEM for every Mb of weirdness to challenge our perceptions. If these guys still have it and have the courage to break with convention, and more importantly fan expectation this could be something special... but it would have to be something we haven't seen yet. Something truly ALIEN.
  7. RakaiThwei
    3-D is a nice thing to have, but personally I feel that traditional film using older mediums is becoming something of a dying out. We have a massive abundance of CGI, and high definition, which is fine and dandy and with Avatar paving the way for 3-D-- I see that newer generations of audiences are going to be spoiled rotten.

    Soon people are gonna say that a movie, reguardless if it's good or not, will say the film will suck cause it's not 3-D.

    But hey, with Ridley directing this film, I'm confident fans will get what they want.. after a long, 30 year wait, you guys deserve it.
  8. Vakarian
    Aliens 3D? Hmm i can see Ridleys point that it might go well because AVATAR was good in 3D but ive got a bad feeling that this isnt going to be the traditional 18 movie and that it will be bumped down to a 15 to target younger viewers who are fans of 3D films so there might not be that much horror in the film an 18 rated 3D film does sound kind of a risk that could pay off or flunk this series forever.
  9. alien90
    Are you guys kidding me????? Ridley+ ALiens+ 3D = Awesomeness!!!!! I cant imagine anything greater with aliens leaping at your face and a facehugger leaping at your face!!!
    Holy s***!
  10. Assburster
    I personally like the idea, since Cameron and his 3D crews would likely have a hand in the deal. A new trilogy of high budget Alien franchise movies to recapture the mythology would be fantastic. Man that would make my decade.   :)  
  11. hmmmm
    Fox finally making some intelligent decisions concerning Alien ...... Hey, it only took them 24 years....  It could have been worse I guess     ::)    Hey Fox!!!  NO CG ALIENS!!!!  And no comedy you NIMRODS!!!!
  12. Ephemeriis
    A few months back I would have thought this was rubbish.

    After seeing Avatar, I think 3D might work pretty well.  The graphics themselves were very convincing, and all the hardware those humans had kept reminding me of Aliens anyway.
  13. Elorrra
    I know it must be only me...but I so would like to see the Na'vi from Pandora being used as host for the aliens and see how it turns out... sick I know. But they would cry back "sky people" after encountering Predators or the Aliens... And before someone bites at me why I talk nonsense the 3D gave the idea. Since its so connected to Avatar nowadays.   :)  
  14. AncientPred
    Its really nice to hear more on this one I love me the Predator yes but I also love me the Alien. Scott is finishing up RobinHood now. And while he's attached to many,MANY,projects at this point. I'm pretty hopeful that this one may be, if not the movie after next, his very next one.
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