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First Look at Predators Concept Art

In the latest issue of Empire, they’ve done a feature on Robert Rodriguez’s production company, Trouble Maker Studios. In that article was a little picture of a Trouble Maker employee stood in front of a wall of Predators concept art:

 First Look at Predators Concept Art
I was able to get my hands on a copy to scan for you. Click on the picture for a bigger copy. Thanks to jaztermareal for the heads up.

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  1. nezluv123
    ok im sooo hyped for this movie ive been looking forward to a third film in the predator series....i am a bit confused tho ...i read the script and in the script it describes the super preds armor as a mix between mideval armor and samurai armor supposedly it has spikes on it and stuff....but in the concept art it looks like his armor is jus regular armor unless they changed it after all it is just concept art... no matter what im pretty sure this movie is gunna kick ass..
  2. Gort Pred
    @yourPFL I agree with you. But you proved my point more. Alot of movies now suck ass big time. So this movie because of it's bad script will suffer just like the rest.
  3. yourPFL
    @Gort Pred the quote is good but has almost no value today! the Hollywood system has changed..and not for the good of the art. ..50 years ago the Hollywood Studios would have never allowed scripts like Avatar or Transformers to be funded (they are schlock). Bad reading scripts were tossed away long before they reached the pitching table...Yesterday the pyramid rested on a solid script..Today the pyramid is reversed..
    all scripts get a meeting..writer/directors put their salesmanship hat on and pitch..depending on their past performances and sterling showmanship they will get  a bad script to be funded, then turn that pile over to a real script writer and develop a shooting script. it is all in the execution!!!  Years ago when real storytellers wrote scripts Hitchcock's quote was chiseled in stone at the door of the majority of studios! Not today..a good majority of the scripts get made for all the other reasons and not because of story.. they get made because of gimmicks(3D)/effects/actor talent that the money men hope it will turn into box office gold.
  4. yourPFL
    No offense taken "Anonymous", now be a a good boy and take your crayons and draw on your Barbies.(just pretend they are Na'vi) ..You keep making my point son.. only idiots judge art from blurry small scans..but in your case and the fact that you insist canning on art you can barely see, it  may be a little jealousy on your part... maybe..because its not your art that is featured..silly boy, judge the art when you see it in the "making of " book and when you  see the movie..till then, keep sniffing the Barbies!   ;D  
  5. Guest
    No i can't judge what the movie is going to be like from these pictures, no you are correct and i'm still looking forward to the movie. But the fact is those few pics behind look sub-par...fact. Don't get offended, is it that time of the month? yourpms oh i mean yourpfl. Right i'm off to play with my barbies.
  6. yourPFL
    people need to just take a deep breath.. a script is just words until the director executes his interpretation of it. I have read scripts that were amazing yet poorly executed..and I have read scripts that I have considered bad but was pleasantly surprised when saw the movie. You know guys, you can trash it all they long, the art is this, the predators are that, but right now you know almost nothing..Form an educated opinion after you see the movie.. then you'll have the substance needed to make a relevant comment.
  7. RegularJohn
    @yourPFL: nice saying!  that is what I am going to do either. So sick of the crying of every single detail that has been leaked yet. ohh the preds don't wear net, ohh the concepts look poor, ohh adrien brody... meh meh meh. everything gets torn apart. wtf is wrong with you people?
  8. yourPFL
    to Anonymous: I can argue on thing for sure only idiots judge art from a 1"x1" photograph, scanned from a 4 color process print magazine. Let adults talk, you go and play with the Barbies now. I am going to hold my critique for the art and the movie when I will see something a bit more tangible than a poor scan...
  9. Guest
    I am optimistic about this film aswell, but you can't argue the concept art shown in the background looks poor, something drawn in the back of a teenagers maths book poor. Especially the Hanzo character. Hopefully there's better concept art we haven't seen yet, and the art doesn't reflect the final outcome of the film. My judgement will be on the final product i.e trailer and film.
  10. RegularJohn
    I really do not understand all the negative reactions. You can hardly see the concepts and stuff, but you can already cry it is shitty. man, I am so sick of all the hate against this movie. If all you haters are so negative about everything in your life, then I really feel sorry for you.

    I am optimistic about this movie and I am so going to see this movie, no matter what shit has been leaked... I am a fan of predator and I am so glad to see another moive coming out soon. You all should be thankful that RR and Antal are trying to keep this franchise alive!
  11. Robin
    Right on the spot where we should be able to see the Pred-dog there's a big blur of light... figures.

    Thanks for uploading though, much appreciated!
  12. Deco
    Poor concept art.. really poor in fact. Has anyone read the script or the press release for this film? It is the exact same story as the original Predator.
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