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AvP PC Patch #2 & Dedicated Servers Released

Update (03/02/2010): The first dedicated server update has been released today, you can check the changelog here.

As promised by SEGA, the PC Patch #2 has been released today. There have been some additional changes to the PC changelog, which you can find listed here. The update will be applied automatically when your Steam client is restarted.

In addition to the PC Patch, Rebellion have now released their dedicated server beta software for their multiplayer shooter, allowing PC gamers to choose how they want to play and giving them control over some of the game’s settings. Check out the details below:

“Due to the demand from the community and better than anticipated progress on the server software, we have decided to release the dedicated server as an Open Beta rather than a Closed Beta, and make it available to all. To access the Dedicated Servers from the PC client, go to Player Match > Browse > change the “server type” filter to “Dedicated (Internet)” and then click browse. Please note that the initial availability of servers may be limited. (…)

(…) The dedicated server will be available via the “tools” tab of the Steam client. If you already have a copy of the full game installed, it will simply add the dedicated server executable to the install folder. If you do not have the full game installed, it will need to download approximately 15GB of data.

One install is required per machine, and multiple instances of the server executable can be run simultaneously – the server currently requires the Steam client to be running, only one steam client/log on is required per machine regardless of the amount of instances you run, and the Steam account used to log on does not need to own a copy of the full game. Please refer to the dedicated server readme for more information and help, in particular the known issues section. A server command guide is also available in the installation folder.”

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