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AvP PC Patch #2 Coming Monday

Sega have just released the changelog for the AvP PC patch #2, which is due to come Monday, March 1st. The patch fixes a multitude of problems recently plaguing the online multiplayer and single player experience. Further information regarding the dedicated servers closed beta will be announced on the 1st of March as well. Check out the notes below.


  • Stability improvements to address rare and infrequent hangs
  • Implemented a workaround for missing audio issues with certain hardware (SoundBlaster X-Fi, Realtek onboard, etc.)
  • Fixed save games being lost or corrupted if connection to Steam is lost or if user switches to offline play


  • Fixed XP being incorrectly affected by offline play (though only in the local stats; this will be corrected next time you connect to multiplayer)
  • Fixed other players sometimes appearing to have the wrong weapon or continuing to fire indefinitely after dying
  • Fixed rare issue where players would be temporarily invisible
  • Fixed some selection of servers and players in menus sometimes being incorrect

On a related note, you can check the changelog for the AvP PC patch #1 (16/02/2010) here.

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Comments: 35
  1. AngryWizard
    UPDATE: Just called Sega support (telephone) and I have come to the conclusion they have the IQ of a sock. I sent them a detailled description of the problem our group is having (around 59 players), with DXDiag's and visual examples. They haven't contacted me back at all and when querying this, they said they wish they could reply to all customers but they can't. I called their support line at £x per minute.. wtf do they mean can't contact everyone? I effectively paid to get support??

    The patch listed for release today could be delayed. They are tirelessly working to get the game to support the mirriad of configurations out there. It will be release some point this week. HuH??? is all I can say to that. I've a E6600, Striker Extreme and a Asus 8800 GTX. Last time I checked this was listed in the recommended spec. Did they not test their own recommended spec, rofl.

    I don't expect this game will be sorted any time soon, and by the time they do, there'll be no one online to play anyway. Sega = Lost money AGAIN!!!
  2. SableUk
    anonymous, im sickened by your comment, but more so because I agree with it...avp2 actually feels a lot more polished (though probably because theyve had 10 years of polishing) i was also looking forward to alien lifecycle, it had so much potential.... wtf happened, i though they were boycotting steam?
  3. Drakolowe
    i dont have a clue what it is. i cant even play my game on reset to default. normal settings. it stutters/dx9. i prey this patch helps me out.
    and for dx10, i give up   ???      :(  
  4. SableUk
    by the way, did anyone think that the dead bodies firing pulse rifles was purposeful- i thought it was a pretty good effect, almost as if the dead body had gone into spasm or something.
  5. SableUk
    drakolowe, i have exactly the same problem- my graphics card can run direct x 10 fine, it runs cod mod 2 like a dream. however, as soon as i try and use direct x 10 on avp (through clicking on "run game in direct x 11) the game screws up, crashes frequently and for no apparent reason, and during cinematics, simply crashes. I have no idea why this is since my computer is far above the recommended specification. Any help would really be appreciated - seems like a bit of a waste of direct x 10,
    If memory serves me right, the game does not run in dx10 due to errors. So you'll have to run it in dx9 or dx11, I'm pretty sure dx10 is out of the question right now. This may have been fixed though, and if that's the case, then I'm not sure what you should do.
    Coming from World of Warcraft, this patch isn't as amazing as when compared to that MMO; however, I'm glad to see the patches continue for this game. Reb was already starting to talk of sequels and I was getting worried that they would drop support for the current AvP or act very slow with AvP patches. So this is a good sight! Hopefully they continue to monitor multiplayer and make any balancing adjustments that are needed.
  8. Gate
    Fixed other players sometimes appearing to have the wrong weapon or continuing to fire indefinitely after dying

    I thought that was very realistic.. Like in the old Syphon Filter games where you use a taser on a firing target and they go ape-shit.
  9. MetaMind
    It would be very cool to be able (as a host) to customize each species abbilities.
    For expl:

    -Class Weapon Sets
    -weapon spawn cooldown
    -Alien leap range increased but speed reduced and wise versa
    -toggle Alien leap cooldown on/off
    -Alien Speed
    -Customize the species in general !!!
    -Motion Tracker detectabilty
    - Infestation mode: all Alien hp reduced after infest increasing ...
    -Predator complety invisible when standing still
    -auto aim for Alien and predator on/off
    -Predator leap range
    -all maps 18 player support
    -Stealth Kill on/off
    -weapon bann system
    -pulserifle muzzle flash on/off

    and simply an Evaq mode.

    The game could be 3xtimes more fun with just adding these little things but for now its kinda boring and no comparison to avp2 mp.
  10. Yautja Noble
    To Queen of Death I honestly don't think any character balancing needs to happen between the races.  I've played many online matches already where any race will get PWNed by another.  I've done PWNing and been PWNed using all 3 species, so in my personal opinion, this is the most balanced game I've played in a LONG time.  Now if Rebellion can give us some kind of news on a console multiplayer patch, I'd be one happy Yautja!
  11. AVP kicks ass
    Dylan in Predator got his arm cut off, and it kept firing,i thought that was awesome.

    I dont mind marines firing after they got killed so fast the body didn't have time to catch up with the fact, i say leave it in!

    I never knew this was a bug i thought it was cool
  12. Yautja Noble
    Is this kind of patch or one specific to consoles coming out then as well?  As you're well aware I'm sure, the console matchmaking is HORRIBLE and it sucks because online play is so much damn fun.  I hope my answer is "yes."   :-[  
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