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Sega was kind enough to provide me with a copy of Aliens vs. Predator to review. I went into the review looking at the game through the eyes of a casual gamer and an AvP fan and here is what I found:

“Rebellion could have fallen into the trap of just letting the campaign be another generic shooter but if there’s one thing these guys know, it’s how to make you crap your pants. The tension and atmosphere that Rebellion injects into the marine campaign make it something special. It’s the updated Colonial Marine experience I’ve been waiting for and it delivers. Oh boy, does it deliver.”

The game isn’t without it’s faults though; an extremely thin Aliens campaign and sometimes poor multiplayer but overall I really enjoyed the game. The different gameplay styles work fantastically on the controller and it just looks so beautiful. Thanks once again to Sega for the copy and thanks to Rebellion for the game. Be sure to check out my review.

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  1. smeone
    some of you have commented that the game offers 18 player servrs .however it falls short of of upcoming i think its called metro 2033 and its rumored to have 250 people servrs.sega you fail again.sometimes you spend more time joining a game than playing.also sucks that people cant switch teams or character in game.and host has no control over a game once it starts.also people cant even join a game once it starts.
  2. smeone
    if this game is going to stay alive nearly as long as avp2 it needs a record breaking huge ass patch or mod.also there needs to be mod tools.other than that i get bored with this game really fast which has never happened with me playing avp2.
  3. smeone
    did not care for the singleplayer . thought it was lame and rushed with its development. did nott crap my pants.some moments were good but not enough to meet expectations. overall i agree with gamespot and give it a 5.5. falls way short from all the hype and it being game of the year .biggest mistake was having the story based on avp movies which suck.need tobase itoff the original movies that established this franchise and forever will.not the lame pyramid gimic.
  4. konradski
    hmm 6 hours of play time and 4 of those hour going thru the same small maps but with the diffrent specie,s o well.
    it was like playing alien trilogy and whats with the tunnel vision view
  5. Xenomorphine
    There are ways to construct a better Alien campaign, but a motivation of revenge is NOT it: That goes against the notion of Ash's original speech. These are meant to be creatures which are devoid of emotions, as we know them.
    spinksy------------- it is not my connection but i am in australia and all my friends have the same problem we all took turns partying up and trying to find a ranked match but it didnt happen that was with seven player in the party lobby we go with 6 and it finds games but still really slow like 20 to 30 minutes nothing to do we my connection have ADSL2 HIGH SPEED
  7. alien90
    why do you care so much about MP? the story is the most important part of a game IMO... But anyway the whole aliens in the aztect temples thing kinda ruined it for me thats like when the first AVP movie came out.. IMO ALiens belong in a claustrophobic environment in space.
  8. spinksy
    FIX THE GAME PLEASE -  your on Xbox 360 and cant find a game?

    Must be your connection cause I'm finding games well quick. Last night I had to wait about a minute for a game but it was really late at night and I had youtube playing a vid on my laptop. Thats one thing good about the game imo - finds games quick! The only really bad thing to do with games and connections is theres no host migration.

    Me and some mates got the six friends achivement 2 days ago and were put into a game within 20 seconds.
    xbox360------- how the hell can you get play with 6 friends in a ranked match ACHIEVEMENT when it wont find any games COMMON REBELLION fix your BLOODY game or im forced to BOYCOT sega all together
  10. predpant
    SOUNDS are not perfect   :'(    

    predator vision sucks   ???     apart from changing visions tha distorted sfx is not there'' insted they gone for a human heartbeat    ???       ???    insted of a predator faster heartbeat and  distorted sound hope they change it for the sequal.
  11. Drakolowe
    well im truly enjoyin this game, campaign is short yes, but not as short as ppl are makin it out as.

    just need dedicated servers and the game will be on the way up. plus a decent patch.

  12. SHREK
    the game was a big dissapointment really....camaigns were pretty good but obviously very short.... multiplayer, which i thought would be the main very disappointing, AVP2 was far superior in terms of gameplay both in campaign and especially multiplayer.... o well... atleast its better than the movies    ::)  
  13. The Replacement
    I haven't played this game since the day after I bought it. Just not feeling it. And thats coming from an Aliens and predator Nut!. There are far superior games out there at the moment. Especially in Multiplayer. This game is shaded in Multiplayer.
  14. biboman
    Okay im starting to get annoyed waitng for this game to reach the shelves at my country's game shops. If this game doesn't arrived next week I ain't buying it no more... I waited like since the trailers came out for this game... Makes me so sad...   :'(  
  15. xbts triibal
    EVERY  morning i had to delete my multiplay profile just to be able to select rank or player matches any1 having some problems on xbox360 also when they gunna patch this game???
    rebellion has ruined a great title in multiplayer anywayz can never get a full ranked game and quick match takes 20 mins to find a game. truly disappointing
  16. Dam U SEGA
    Best game this year so far!
    Well it would be if they would let us host as i cant .Any1 know how?
    cough dam u sega for rushing the game out without finishing this game.
    ps if ur joining or hosting a MP game stay till it fin nor fk off half way thro!   >:D  
  17. alexpj19
    oh my , new AVP on PC is awesome, i bit it 2 days ago , played pretty much none stop for 2 days, what a game, love the level of details in the game. Loved it. It made me jump back on AVPRD. have about 10-15 shots left :)
  18. 37smiles
    awesome review!seemed to touch base with all the flaws and the perks.i just think that the rating is a little harsh.but its probably just a HUGE FAN of alien and predator!so i could just be diluded but the game is everything i wanted to see in the first game.(accept that they got rid of the speargun and netgun,whats up with that!)
  19. DarKStaR350z
    I think your review was spot on, I also really enjoyed the influences from the AvP movie and the fact that each level has Predator Jungle bits as well as the Alien metal environments.
    I love the Alien environments but found the previous games didn't use the Predator enough when it came to level design.
    I do think its strange that they took out the 2 Alien influenced levels for DLC, instead of one of each.
    The ranked matches definately need work and they need to release the DLC maps already so I can play the ones I got with the Collecters Edition  ^^

    'Maybe Rebbelion will make a patch to fix that litle problem… for PC version'

    Wanted to comment on this as it seems a lot of PC gamers think that we don't get fixes\patches\updates on consoles - so glad we do  :)
    Lets hope they start rolling something out to fix the few flaws that everyone seems to agree on (stealth kill distance, smart disk etc)
  20. sj.FOX
    Some of the comments from here seem to be made from ill informed idiots.  Aside from that though, the review seemed honest and reflected similar likes and problems I have with the game.  Great job on the article, Hicks.  Ignore the people bashing despite you giving a well detailed read.    :)  
  21. Corporate
    Best rewiev I read ...Balanced. I liked your expresion about plus and minus collums of the game
    I am more or less pissed about the stupidity of giving Xenomorhp vision mode to half game for Predator !!!! He is on a hunt !!
    Maybe Rebbelion will make a patch to fix that litle problem... for PC version.
  22. Bugswarm
    Not that im trying to be paranoid, but after what MW2 did, our comunity is very carefull with FPS games that have no servers. Ill give Rebellion the benefit of the doubt (for now), but history have proven success can make even the most trusted and respected company into a money grubbing pig with no respect for their customer base. Im looking at you Infinty Ward.   >:(  
  23. ColdDeadEyes
    reviews are based on that persons point of view, at the end of the day evry person should come up with there own review and decide wether to like it or not. I like it, if you dont.....i dont care :)

    where are the DLC updates? where are the fixes? Do they exist?

    games out 2 weeks mate........
  24. stemot
    @ Sh0dan

    The game is deserving of such a score, personally I would give it higher. IMO Fox messed up by giving AvP2 to another dev, so I really want Rebellion onboard for any sequel.
  25. Bugswarm
    sooo......where are the servers? where are the DLC updates? where are the fixes?  Do they exist?
    The gaming club here already boycotted the game because the company has not really clarified any news on servers and updates. Our retail stores refuse to take in the game just yet. Im not kidding, MW2 suffered here because of matchmaking, and the gaming comunity here isn't interested in making another mistake. If they actually went their way and make an AVP sequal without fixing and contirbuting to the current, i won't be surprise Rebbelion loses a good amount business and reputation.
  26. spinksy
    I think it's a spot on review.

    I'll be playing this for months and really hope they release DLC.

    I can see why some may not like it but its just a game you need to learn fast at.

    Sequel & DLC please............
  27. Sh0dan
    That is a very generous review.    ;D    

    Hope Rebs don’t make another. If SEGA / FOX really want to do a sequel then they should pass the licence onto another developer IMO.
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