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AvP Tops UK Charts & Sequel On The Horizon?

AvP has risen to the top of the UK charts for all three platforms and has become the fastest selling game of the year in the UK, beating the likes of Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2. Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley recently spoke to Develop-Online regarding that success:

“I won’t say what stage those negotiations are in, but we would love to revisit the franchise. Fox are excited about what we’re doing, and we feel we’ve added value to the franchise. We would love to work with Sega again, there were a lot of things we couldn’t fit into the original. We are trying to do all the right things to make the franchise a success now and in the future.”

I’m not sure how many units it has sold but it certainly looks like Sega and Rebellion have a commercial winner on their hands. Those of you who have played the game will know that it was left open for a sequel. I also hope the success means we’ll be getting additional DLC content. Thanks to Spic, Mr Weyland, iamu84, Remonster, Ikarop & everyone else.

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  1. smeone
    game does not deliever and if their is a sequel to it and nothing changes iwill not buy it. iwent to a couple of blockbusters and only one copy was rented out.the rest are sitting on the shelves collecting dust.iexpected a hell of alot more from this game. it failed to deliver.
    i hate REBELLION please for the love of god KILL YOURSELFS or better yet fix the multiplayer problems on xbox360  1)never finding ranked matches
                  2)marine gun firing after dead till body dissapears
                  3)ranked matches starting with so little amount of players its pointless
                  4)host leaving before we get our xp
                  5)if we have to wait for ranked match for so long something better to listen to other than that crackle static noise
  3. Xenomorphine
    37: The spear, as it presently stands, practically IS the spear gun. There really wouldn't be much difference. It'd be nice for them to logically explain how an infinite number of them can be thrown, though...   :)  

    Dane, a Queen level would be boring. Sit down and make eggs... That's all you'd do!
  4. Dane
    AvP was kick ass! I loved it. The tension and environment was perfect. Yea the story lines could have been longer, but they were good all the same.
    Im prayin for some queen action, like give the queen a better role. Have like a level where you just wipe everyone out as the queen, like a last stand type thing.
    Yes the warrior is always awesome to play as, but its been done before, have both queen and warrior levels. Also, the skins idea was genus. Loved em, more would be awesome. Another thing, don't have the alien crawling on all fours. Its cool if you like hold down the crouch button so you can climb up the walls, but it takes away the sense of you being bigger than a human. Cant wait for SEQUEL!
    PS: I enjoy kickin yalls butt online   >:D  
    SHADOWMAN I HATE CALL OF DUTY but not as much as REBELLION for ruining this title when you wait half an hour for a supposed QUICK MATCH  you know sumthings not rite
  6. ShadowmanX5
    This game is AMAZING!!!! I was never an AvP fan before this game, I herd about it through some friends so i downloaded the demo on PS3 (of cource the demo then had many problems but was fixed straight away) and it just blew my mind, how the 3 species merge so well together to create a Rock, Paper, Scissor type gameplay, ok so it may have a few MINOR faults *cough cough Frisbee overpowered cough* but then no game is perfect. But what i hate is how all games that include a first person shooter aspect are now compared with the everlasting Call of Duty, I mean yeah it was a good game but now it just depresses me that so many reviewers are calling this game bad because they are brainwashed into thinking COD is the best game in the universe and that all FPS must be based around it, personally I never want to see COD impeed on this game, so whoever suggested COD style player kits and weapon unlock, go back to your Modern Warfare and leave AvP to the fans!! Also ALIENS RULE!!!!!
    my comment have recently been removed about how bad the multiplayer rank search is in australia dont know if you guys are covering up the FACT  that the game search sux takes 30mins to find a game and when you do the host leaves or it times out im talking about xbox360 platform.. Dont cover it up people need to know the bad as well as the good!!!!!!!
  8. MikkoM
    And I am NOT saying that it would be totally impossible that Rebellion could produce a high quality sequel, but after playing this game and seeing the reviews of this and some of the Rebellion`s latest games, I seriously doubt that.   :(  
  9. dam dog
    Ive been playing this game since the 2nd day and iam enjoying this game very much love the multiplayer it diff not the same crap out there alrdy just got some problems with this game (but which game has not got a problem)Cant host or the host goes and wheres the dedicated servers?
  10. MikkoM
    Everyone who is opposed of REBELLION   :-X    doing the possible sequel CONTACT SEGA NOW, and let them know how you feel. They probably won`t listen to us any way, but atleast we can say that we tried to save the AVP franchise.
  11. Fujimaster
    Well I guess its not GAME OVER MAN, GAME OVER!
    And regarding the people having issues with multiplayer what playform are you using? Im on steam and I agree there is some issues with players but it doesnt take me half an hour to get a game. I usually play with the same people but after each game im usually in one within 2-3 minutes.
    for love of blue balls  REBELLION fix the rank match search in australia we are waiting 30 minutes for a lobby with stuff all players . here is how you can fix just make rank matches joinable when in progress or make XP available in player matches . MAKES ME SICK TO THINK WHAT IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN AND WHAT IT IS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!REBELLION HANG YOUR HEADS IN SHAME
  13. stealth bunny
    I love this game too, it's everything I wanted and more and as 37smiles says I'd play a sequal if it was more of the same, sure there are a couple of problems ( such as not staying in the same lobby in online games ) but they're not enough to take the enjoyment away, it's a great game.
  15. 37smiles
    i would buy the sequal if it came out tommorow,even if it still worked as well as this not tripped up over the flaws in this far as i can tell all the problems that i see can be overlooked.and you know what while we are on the subject, i would be happy if the game was made for pc only and had the same graphics as the 1999 game.all im sayin is that we played those games back in the day because we loved alien and predator, and just wanted to be them.but after this game came out with better graphics,cooler moves and more realistic deaths than in any other game ive seen, all i keep hearing is bitching?what the f**k is wrong with wonder no one likes the game everyone is to concerned with picking it apart.if your not a fan thats one thing, but to bash it just because its not perfect is just f**kin game is perfect. sorry to tell you this i know it must break your little hearts but its true.but we have been waiting,well at least ive been waiting for this game for a long f**king time and im just proud to play the game.just be happy for f**k sake!
  16. -Sharky-
    Before they start celebrating they should check out the feedback here on this site and fix the bugs and add dedicated servers so people actually keep playing it! If they don't fix the game as it is now, I'd sure like to see how many people who would actually buy the sequel   :-\  
  17. Sh0dan
    Wow, they only just released the game. ACM is supposed to be up next. Why don't we give Gearbox a chance to show what they can do before we start talking Rebellion sequels.
  18. Joe117
    I beat this game on hard in 2 hours and I suck at games, but I'm thinking a sequel would be good in 3rd person, have sokme awesome combos and stuff, or first person and have more pred action, not not temple fights
  19. Gnome Smasher
    Sequel needs - playable chestbursters, facehuggers, predaliens, queens in SP/MP.  Taunt/Growl button for ALL species.  Crouch button. Evac game mode.  More maps.   All classic Predator/Marine weapons + sound effects.   Weapon unlock system like COD.  MP character customizable kits.
  20. Neftus
    I hope they put netgun for predator in the sequal would be sweet to trap a marine and see hes m8s trying to save him but no hope. but not for the MP only if its hard to use and needs skill then maybe. Maybe a vision mode to see preds or something they dont need to be that usefull but it would be sweet to stalk a prey and check different vision modes   :D  
  21. 37smiles
    ......and keep going with the homeworlds.its cool to see new shit.ive always wanted to see the alien homeworld so im very dont listen to "skull-splitter" he dosent know what hes talking about.
  22. 37smiles
    ok i do agree that there are tiny problems with this game,most of them small enough to be overlooked.but a sequal would be amazing.i have complete faith that rebellion will fix alot of stuff.heres a list of hopeful tweeks:
    1.longer story/levels
    2.a f**kin speargun for gods sake!
    3.pick whatever character you want on XBL! killmoves!(those are awesome!)
    5.marine walks a little faster
    6.unlockable content(extra cool shit) campaign
    and finaly...
    8.QUEEN FIGHT!(maby 2 at once!)
    if they do this right then this game is going to be amazing.ive waited 10 years to play alien vs. predator again and i got my wish.and now that its out and theres ALREADY talk about a sequal,ive never been happier.ill pray everyday that they do make it,and wait for the day i can play AVP2!
  23. spinksy
    Good news!!

    Agreed that they need to patch the current one as there a few things that need fixing but great news all round!

    A sequel will give the perfect chance to improve an perfect the game.

    (and a co-op campaign would rock!!)
  24. ColdDeadEyes
    man the alien home planet would be so bad ass!!! sooooo much HR Giger mateial to use that it would look amazing!!
    Might even fill in where that Alien Pilot came from in much that could be used.......oh im excited lol
  25. Corporate
    I have played The First one I did not play the second one But I hope I will And for the third one ... I am  looking forward. cant wait :D
    Hope the expansion set will be set on the Xenomorph Home Planet
  26. Mike
    I thought the whole story with the marines was very good, but I still would've liked to play as a facehugger! aha. Plus with fight scenes during the queen and the predalien as a predator- there should've been combat buttons. Press such a botton NOW and have a cooler ending rather than, oh- it's dead! I mean AVP:R didn't do justice for me, I wanted to see who could kill who first between the predator and the pedalien considering they were both in pain. Make the game longer!
    Other than that I love the game and some DLC, updates and a sequel will be amazing! XD
  27. MikkoM
    NOO!!! Please, SEGA do not allow Rebellion to turn AVP in to another E.T for Atari 2600! Use another game developer and give them enough time to polish the game.
  28. Coke
    Thats good maybe well get an sequel then, okey iam an fan och the alien series for 10years and the game is good, but int needs so much patching and updating ..
  29. metalos
    Hi, I'm living in Hungary. I bespoke the game from the UK.
    I think, the reason is simple why the game is bestseller in UK. The game in the UK (on the only £17.71 In Hungary the game is 11000 HUF this is  £35.8
    I don't bespoke the game  from Amazon but an another shop but the coast is same.
    I saved half of the coast.   :)  
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