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  1. 37smiles
    of course the predator is to powerful.HES THE PREDATOR!the baddest mother-f**ker in the galaxy.hes suppost to be strong.its more realistic to the movies.i f**kin know that he would even kick master chiefs ass!
  2. AVP kicks ass
    What i would like to see for skins DLC are:

    -The PredAlien
    -The DogAlien
    -Red Genocide Alien Warrior Ridged
    -Chopper Predator with skull pikes on shoulders

     New online mode Transport
    I was thinking what if they had a multiplayer mode were a squad of marines has to defend 5 colonists the objective is to transport the colonists from point A to point B with out loosing all of them to the horde of aliens "opposing team" if the aliens manage to harvest all 5 colonists the marines loose. If the marines save the colonist from there virginities the marines win
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