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Alien Anthology Coming Christmas 2010

A user over on High-Def Digest Forums has posted a leaflet that Fox are currently distributing with their Blu-Ray titles. It indicates the long-awaited Blu-Ray collection of the Alien films is coming out this Christmas. The collection was rumoured to come out at some point last year but kept getting delayed.

 Alien Anthology Coming Christmas 2010

Thanks to jimmyboy for the news.

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  1. RoaryUK
    No thanks, the Alien Quadrilogy will do me.  What with the Alien Prequel also on the cards, and Predators before that, FOX will probably release the whole thing again in a few years.  Money-grabbing b****rds
  2. LogansFolly
    i just bough the total destruction box set so won't be rushing out to buy this.

    I think Aliens movies need the grainy feeling in them any way.

    Plus have you seen predator in blu ray... it's just like an upscaled dvd!!?
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