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AvP Launch Trailer

Sega has released the latest trailer for AvP, simply titled Launch Trailer. It advertises all the aspects of the game, single player and the various mulitplayer modes and has some amazing footage in it:

 AvP Launch Trailer

You can stream the trailer via GameSpot or download it directly onto your hard-drive. Thanks to Ikarop for the news.

Update: In the UK, Film4 will be airing Aliens tonight and during the first commercial break (around 9.20) a special 3 minute long trailer for Aliens vs Predator will be airing. It’s not like you ever need a reason to watch Aliens but if you ever have, this trailer is the reason.

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Comments: 28
  1. Hicks_0998
    guys how the f**k can i get this piece of shit to work when it keeps saying "please first activate the original game" crap, the first game didnt f**king have steam accounts! jesus, im in the oz territory and i have the hunters edition and for the love of god i need help.
  2. Spoon
    Sorry man never said I didn't like the game.  Just saying the game needs to be polished alot more.  If I wasn't such a huge fan my self I would probably hate the game.  Im sorry thinking other wise you are blind.
  3. Alien Mastermind
    Spoon, if you didn't like the game then return and get bioshock 2 instead. Even though people are saying that the single player isn't good, I'm still going to love it because I am die hard fan of the series. The only thing that makes me mad the fact that Sega slacked on their end and did not      Ship the Hunter editon the day it was supposed to be shipped.
  4. beserkerJoe
    The "Terminator" style predator vision mode is in fact footage taken from the cut scene of a Predator monitoring a hunt (as in AVP-R) Good trailer if a little short.
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