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AvP Reviews Round-Up

The game has been out a day officially and reviews have been steadily rolling in over the past week. I thought it might be time to give a round up on the front page. Since there’s less of these, I’ll start with the:

Negative Reviews

Positive Reviews

There are many more reviews out. The overwhelming majority of reviews are all in the positive region, usually scoring around 7 out of 10. Ikarop has created a comprehensive list of reviews that will constantly be updated as new reviews are released.

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  1. konradski
    pc user ///what a poor game deserves only 5/10 went back and played far cry that pissed all over it game wise even had a tinkle on avp2 again showed this new title that it had stepped back gaming wise
    even at 1980x1080 res it just looks like F.E.A.R/cronicles of riddick hybrid
    very disapointed..i will say this the ambient a ingame audio is top notch but let down by a rushed for console port. would like to hear what the old avp2 brigade think and also those who have played farcry a game that outsines this technically everyway .and i realy wanted it to be as good as avp2   :-[  
  2. cain
    I just spent the weekend playing avp and I'm very disappointed. Singleplayer is quite fun, but rather short. I think I did the 3 campaigns in about 8 hours.

    Multiplayer sucks big time. Atm. there are no dedicated servers and you're forced to play player hosted games -> lag-o-rama.

    Also the controls are pretty awkward. In-game voice messages are a stuttering desaster. The Lobby system in ranked games is annoying. In many game modes I totally lack a feeling of accomplishment when "my" side wins. And so on. If you want a good multiplayer game, this is not it. Sorry, I so wanted this to be my next favorite mp-shooter :-(

    7/10 for the single player game is ok, multiplayer I consider a 5/10.
  3. 37smiles
    ok so ive beaten the entire game on the xbox 360 and i think i can give a complete reveiw.i started playing the marines first,just to get the game going.through the entire marine campain, you have mixed feelings of panic,stress,claustrophobia,and fear.all of these feelings combined makes for great i played the alien campain.clearly the shortest campain but still very fun.and i have to say that harvesting humans is very cool.add to that the fact that the alien and predators are the only ones with finishing moves so thats a plus.but the alien is a little hard to get used to but once you do,you can flow like water,eligant and smooth,yet can destroy anything.then i played the predator(the most fun campain in the game).being a fan of the predator movies and games helps a little when you play this part of the game.the only way to play this is to think like a predator.focused and is kinda limited in this game so use with care.over all the story is great,the gameplay is great,almost everything is great.the only cons i have for this game are that the online play chooses your character for you half the you can want to be a predator but you have to be a marine,and you cant change it.(sucks)and my last problem with it is that its to short.not saying that the story wasnt finished or that i was unhappy with the endings.its just that im a huge fan of this franchise so i cant get enough of alien and love to see a sequal in the near future.and more downloadable content,like maps and so conclusion.i give AVP a solid 9/10.very fun and enjoyable,and highly not sure whats wrong with the other game magazines like gameinformer.maby they just suck so much that if a game is to complicated they just start bashing it,or maby they just arent fans.(if thats the case then they can suck it!)but dont let them get you down if would like to give this game a is a little challenging but in the end very rewarding.
  4. Gort Pred
    I played it for PS3 and I love it. I only beat the Predator level (which I think is the best one) and now i'm 2 missions away from beating the marines level. I can't wait for the aliens.
    IGN finally posted their PC review, giving that version a 7.3. Better than the Xbox/PS3 review.

    However, they did two things that sort of nullify their review. They played the game with a graphics card that does not support DX11, so they still bashed the graphics a bit though said they were superior to the aforementioned consoles.

    They also copypasted a good chunk of the review from the other consoles, as the reviewer mentioned playing using analogue sticks. I mean, you DO NOT play a FPS on the PC with a controller. That's just wrong.

    Better, but laziness abounds from IGN.
  6. Edward
    The 1up review is a f**king joke - D which translates to a 25 out of 100 on Metacritics scale.

    If you read it's just an endless rant about a lot of trivial shit which shouldn't matter at all, without actually covering any details about the game.
    Whoever updated the reviews with the latest IGN review made a mistake. It lists the 7/10 IGN review has a negative but then lists the PC Powerplay 7/10 as a positive. I don't believe a 7/10 is positive or negative, but the contradiction in the news post needs to be fixed.
  8. dalis420
    I got the game last night and played some team species deathmatch and it was fun but hard to figure out the maps. I got to rank 6 then i went to do story mode for the predator. The story mode is excellent. I was playing on normal since there was no achievement for beating on any other than nightmare. But with in of only a few hours of gameplay and i beat  it. Its fun but the story mode is short lived..
  9. Proj2501
    I like how people here somehow 'know' that reviewers don't know the movies. More than likely, if they're working for a site or publication that deals with videogames they've seen the films. *sigh* That makes me sound like whiners I just complained about. Now, about the game. The graphics do look good IMO and don't know why it's an issue. When I compare in game graphics to other FPS, there's a slight noticeable difference. Shame to hear the plot is so similiar to the first AVP film. Well, I'm still waiting for my Hunter Edition, thanks Gamestop. If this tanks, at least we will have Colonial Marines.
  10. R4C HUNTER
    i have only played the predator campaign so far but i loved it enough to play it on medium which helps with button prompts, then to play it again on hard, no prompts, i think the only thing i found really annoying is the fact that i could lure 4 marines to the same same spot 1 at a time to dispatch them,lol marines 2,3,and 4 never noticed their dead pals laying headless on the floor.
  11. Light
    The people that made such a bad review are the same retarded idiots that gave 10/10 for GTA4(witch was a really shit game).
    I guess they like to play COD all the time and they like to listen Britney Spears... so their pointless opinion means nothing to me...
  12. Another Aussie
    Where'd you order the hunter edition from?  I ordered it as well and I'm picking it up Thursday arvo.

    Looking forward to doing a few facehugger pranks as well.   >:D  
  13. LilSaint
    This game is great and i don't care what anyone says!!! If Rebellion takes care of all the so called "minor flaws" the next game will get Game of the Year!   ;D  
    I'm not really surprised by the reviews. I was hoping for an amazing super awesome special game that would get 10's all around, but the cynic in me knew that wouldn't come. The gameplay just isn't for everybody, and it does have quite the learning curve.

    With that being said, I'm loving it to death and I'll be telling anyone that asks to pick it up. The multiplayer is jolly good fun!

    But what pisses me off is the IGN US review. A 7 isn't bad, but I watched the video review and the guy was dissing some of the game mechanics yet not utilizing the focus mode at all. "The alien moves too fast and you sometimes run right by people" yeah if you're a bad.

    The game has a learning curve, but it isn't THAT steep.

    This game appeals to the fans, and like others have said, we already knew if we were going to get it or not. The reviews don't totally surprise me, but at the same time, you can't compare this game to some of the other shooters out there. It's different. It's supposed to be different. And once you get used to the mechanics it's great fun.
  15. Spoon
    IGN is very biased so I'm very worried why there isn't a review up.  Im guessing its negative so they want people to own and play the game first before they bash it.
    Same happened to reviews with first avp movie
  16. Phantasm
    Thing to consider, most or even all reviewers out there aren't even familiar with alien/predator saga, all they know is that one has teeth; the other has weapons and they duel - end of story. Plus it has come to, that most reviewers have become mindless critics to scale up they're popularity. It's sad to see that the internet progressed to raise such degenerate methods for testing quality of  products for the consumers.
    My opinion is go old school,forget reviews or opinions  and just get the game for your own experience.
  17. JediMasterGabe
    IGN just posted their review: 7/10 (Decent). Like some of the other reviews, they cited the graphics and some melee combat problems as the major flaws. But they liked the sound, multiplayer modes, and just cited overall the game wasn't bad, it just had a few too many minor flaws.

    So i think this is a pretty fair review and thus i continue to like IGN.
  18. Xenomorphine
    They weren't combat synthetics (at least, in the way this game portrays them). One of them speaks with a fairly crude British accent as he forces a survivor out the exit. Any synthetics should have had better phrasing and methods.
  19. oboy
    Im a  little pissed that sega didnt do this game with a beter developer......This game and franchise have everything there is needed to make a great expierence with a film or a game....but the fact is the people who are left in charge simply are not getting it done.....i love the franchises: the movies, the games, the comics, and the books.....but on this it definately feels like the ball keeps getting dropped. i bought the game and no matter what i willl play the shit out of it because i cant tell how the graphics are when it comes down to it. im also very easily entertained. but i really hope it generates enough revenue to make another attempt and maybe flaws will be fixed
  20. 37smiles
    just got my copy so ill post a review after i play it.but i played the demo and it was wonderful.all the beautiful blood and guts.all the if the demo is a reflection of the game its going to be perfect.f**k the reviews!this game was made for us.everyone else is retarded.
  21. HeRO2604
    the game has 38 reviews yet.

    15 of them gave 80% and more, 15 where between 70-80%
    and only 8 are below 70%. I think the bad reviews come from the non existing skills of the reviewers   ;D    for me its about 84% because of some issues here and there but overall it makes fun and thats what counts. even on consoles its easy ton handle you just need some skill. btw: i prefer a pad even in shooters but only because of the keyboard. i hate to play with it, its good for writing but not for gaming. mouse=good / keyboard=bad   ;)  
  22. AvP 1-2 ftw...
    Looking forward to getting this on friday through steam,, (although may have to wait till sat/sun for it download) "grumbles"   :-\       But i just hope it lives up to all the hype surrounding it. And, Does its gameplay compare to Half-Life 1-2, im sceptical it does.
  23. EpsilonOrpheon777
    That's another thing i don't understand! The graphics look amazing. At least in pics. And 9 times out of 10 pics are one thing, but when they're in motion they look even better. So with that said i can't figure out why the reviewers keep complaining about the graphics and textures when they look so amazing in still photos.
  24. AVP kicks ass
    This game should not get any bad reviews on the graphics i mean it looks f**king amazing on my PC running it on a 5870 with directX11 it makes my mouth water 10/10 to the graphics

    now for the console i guess it could get some   :'(  
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