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AvP Officially Released!

It’s officially February 16, 2010 in the US which means for those of you there, you will be able to get your hands on Aliens vs. Predator today. AvP is available on Playstation 3, X-Box 360 and PC. Remember, you have the Standard Edition and the Hunter Edition (for PS3 & X360 only). The latter comes with downloadable multiplayer maps, as well as a posable facehugger model, a Weyland Yutani sleeve badge, a 3D lenticular postcard and a graphic novel.

 AvP Officially Released!

Loved it? Hated it? You can post what you thought of the game in the Fan Reviews thread. I’d also check out our Aliens vs Predator Forum because I expect it’s going to be pretty busy there this week. For those of you who get the PC version, we have a Steam Group which you can join. I also wrote a couple of articles covering the Alien Abilities, Predator Weapons & Equipment and Marine Weapons & Equipment. If you get stuck in any of the campaign missions, someone on YouTube has uploaded a full video walkthrough of all the missions. AvP will be released in Australia on Thursday and in the UK on Friday.

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  1. JediMasterGabe
    The games great but the Predator is very overpowered, the game needs to fix some balancing issues. But the Alien and Marine are evenly matched.

    Overall I give the game an 8.5/10 because of a weak Alien campaign and the fore mentioned balancing issues.
  2. stealth bunny
    Completed all 3 storys and it's awesome, gonna go through on nightmare setting now, I don't expect to survive for long though but it's so good that getting killed by either alien, pred or marine is no probs as they are all spot on, I hope there will be DLC as more life can be added to the story but on the harder setting and with multiplayer it will keep on going,    Good times.
  3. branson
    has anyone had sound cutting off in the official ps3 gaming
    I got my AVP on PS3 and noticed the sound cut's off during game play like for a split sec or 2.
  4. left4theXeno
    No, the sound was on everytime perfect! No problems.
    If completet now all the campaigns, short but awsome!
    No I don´t think it´s the "real" Predator.
    You play an Predator that is a Rookie, like the Marine.
    And during the game you find the classic-weapons inclueded
    the shuriken, the spear and the shoulder canon.
    I liked the Alien campaign at most. I loves it to kill the Marines and harvest the scientists   :D    
    For which console you have the game??
    When you have  XBOX LIVE, add me   ;D    

    Aliens vs Predator is my personaly highlite of 2010   :)    
    And if Aliens: Colonial Marines com this year out too this year will be the best for Aliens vs Predator fans.
  5. branson
    how are you finding the game! I just completed the Marine . Very short. but amazing. Now on the ALIEN. Does anyone have any sound cutting off at any point??
  6. Mike
    Got my hunter edition yesterday, and although I was hoping the facehugger would be life-sized, the amount of detail makes up for it! Nice steel casing for the game. Downloadable add-on pack works fine, multiplayer is great and the campaign is brilliant. Completed being an Alien, having a tough time in the club as a Marine and being a Predator is really fun. HMV also gave me AVP:R Blu Ray for free. So all in all- Great! The only bad point is that the campaign is too short, would be good if they did extra levels as DLC! But still great!   ;D      ;D      ;D  
  7. biboman
    I have been waiting for this game to reach the shelves at my countries gameshops... It is talking so damn long! So excited for this game! Extension in waiting since the Feb 16 so sucks.... I hate it...   :'(  
  8. JediMasterGabe
    Is anyone else having trouble finding a game on xbox live? Because it takes me literally over 10 mins to find a game by  myself, but I can find one when my friend hosts my group. I know it's not that nobody's on and I can always find a game easily on anyother online game so I'm think it's a problem with the games matchmaking.
  9. AvP 1-2 ftw...
    been downloading this via steam since thursday morning, (when it was release for PreLoad) only got 54% so far. Valve you IDIOTS.. A game that is 16gig needs more than one day to download before its release ffs....      :'(  
  10. HiVol
    I'm enjoying the game.  The campaigns are fun but my fun is in multiplayer.  When playing online last night I found myself breathing a sigh of relief when the match was done.  There's nothing I've ever played like this.  It's exciting when your walking the level looking for comrads as the background ambiants plays and you see an alien run past you completely unaware of your presence than a predator trophy kills you from behind.  Very intense.  I will say its not the best game out there but definetly worth every penny.  Good job Rebellion   >:D  
  11. Xenoligiost
    i just got mine today, it runs well sometimes. my comp is more than well equiped enough to handle this game. but i have TONS of lag in game    :-[       >:(       :(     all settign set on lowest possible. anyone else having the same problem? pm me or somthin if you have advice
  12. AvP 1-2 ftw...
    Preload 16gigs for AvP on steam, ONE DAY BEFORE RELEASE,,, ffs Valve, I love you but you have made one dumb decision this time! we dont all have super connections,, its gonna be saturday/sunday/monday before i finish downloading it all...  And i should be playing tomorrow (FRIDAY) pfffttt   :-[  
  13. 37smiles
    the only thing i want out of the hunter edition is the levels and the metal case.more of a predator fan so it would have been cooler to get a predator shuriken or plasma caster or somthing.they actualy should have made an alien edition a marine edition and a predator edition.all apealing to specific fans.
  14. 37smiles
    finaly beat it last night.f**kIN AWESOME!.now if you havent played it yet let me give you a tip for order for playing the game is marine,alien,and then this order for a kick ass time.the end of the predator campaign is just crazy! the marine campaign is realy just dont know whats going to happen next.keep on your toes because these aliens mean business.the alien campaign is pretty cool to.and the end is pretty bad ass as well.but id have to say if i had a least favorite it would be the alien.dont get me wrong it is very bad ass and its pretty close but the predator would have to be my favorite.marine at close second. but in all i loved the game more than any other game on this planet.its my favorite franchise, my favorite type of game(first person) and its gory as shit!the ultimate AVP fans dream.i hope you all enjoy it as much as i did.and if you didnt.....f**k off!lol
  15. Slicer Jen
    @i hate gs, sew the facehugger up and pretend it was that one on the Nostromo. But yah, the real fun is in the multiplayer...and with DLC they leave it open to add more episodes, if for instance you want to pay 5 or 10 bucks for the new episodes, kind of like Dragon Age.
  16. sinest
    Damn in australia it has a release date for today, got it yesterday in the post and still cannot play it as steam says it is not released yet... NOT HAPPY JAN!!! sent posts to steam and rang eb games\ gamestop and let them know as they are gonna get complains coming out of their ass today because of F###ing steam!
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