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People usually go to two websites for their gaming reviews: IGN and Gamespot. IGN UK gave AvP a 8.5/10 last week and today Gamespot have added their review along with their video review. It’s not good news, I’m afraid. They scored it 5.5/10. Quite a stark contrast from IGN’s review. They liked the Trophy Kills, and some of the varied multiplayer modes like Infestation and Predator Hunt but they didn’t like the singleplayer campaigns at all. They said the levels were badly designed and the controls weren’t very good along with many other little problems.

It’s the little things that really drag the game down. Aliens vs. Predator seems to be a well-meaning attempt at reinvigorating a languishing series, but grotesque kills and some entertaining multiplayer moments don’t cut it–not when so many slick and exciting shooters are on store shelves, vying for your time. The attention to detail, the well-considered level design, and the sense of momentum that characterize the finest shooters are missing here. Aliens vs. Predator is sometimes enjoyable but never escapes an overwhelming sense of carelessness, so while it may remind you of the good old days, it fails to recapture them.

In the past, Gamespot scored AvP2 8.7/10 and AvP1 8.3/10. IGN US have yet to put up their review. There’s another review on Bit-Tech (7/10) and GameReactor (6/10).

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  1. branson
    how are you finding the game! I just completed the Marine . Very short. but amazing. Now on the ALIEN. Does anyone have any sound cutting off at any point??
  2. dj broly
    me excited 4 tomoz so i can get ma avp 360   :)   i heard an saw the review wot gamespot gave to avp an i was disappointing in them, there alot other games out there tht got bad reviews an turned out gd. i enjoyed the demo aswell an played everyday for about 1-3hrs when it came out. i wld love to see ps3 players, pc players an fellow 360 gamers not to play anyother game (cod,halo etc) but only play avp for 1 whole week from the day its out (without touch another game) lol, avp rules XD   8)  
  3. Stridarn
    Biggest swedish game site gave the PC version 2/5.  And i agree with gamespots review. I wanted to love this game but it aint going to happend. :(  Loved the first 2 but this is crap.
  4. Grey Matter
    Likewise Nico_Celtic & Commandos... Wish someone would release a facehugger on the peeps at Gamespot.

    Mind you there too busy kissing each other ars's all the time!   ::)    

    Game on Rebellion!!   ;D  
  5. The Replacement
    In this day and age its quality, not quantity. Anyway I'm not here to bash AvP, I can't wait to get my hands on it. But, I do feel there are some aspects of the game that Rebellion shouldn't have taken the route they took.
  6. sgt ric
    and the said thing is they rate call of duty higher then this, cod 4 was a perfect 10, wtf, then avp which is so sick and they give it a 5.75, wtf!!!!!!   ???      ???      ???      ???  
  7. The Replacement
    The reality is, Someone in charge at Rebellion has a hard on for gaming in the 90s. Gaming, especially the FPS genre has moved on and developed. Just because Rebellion wants to harken back to methods used in the 90s doesn't mean the rest of us want to take an early trip down retro lane.
    They really should have looked at where the FPS are going these days. AvP feels like a blast from the past....only problem is the rest of us were looking forward not backwards.
  8. AWC 3117
    Hmm I have no clue how anyone has trouble with these controls. What you can't press right triger? You can't press A? I had no problem figuring out the controls, easy and fluid. Most fun game I played in awhile/ Modern Warfare can never grasp my attention for more then 20 minutes, and Halo I've played so much it holds no interst for me anymore. This is new and unlike any modern game i've played. Regardless of what these critics say i'm sure the gamers will like this new challenge of game play.
  9. Hunter
    Clearly these Gamespot reviewers dont take atmosphere into consideration, AND I can assure you all none of them are fans of the Alien/Predator universe.
  10. biboman
    I just read and viewed the game spot reviews. They are indeed right about the things they are reviewing about ,but its just that i dont agree with the scores though. The bugs and what they call limitations can be fixed with future patches. This game is diamond covered in dirt thats just needed to be polished. I loved the demo and im sure I will love the full game. And most importantly, this is the only game that makes me control marine, predator, and alien so this already is enough reason to support me to play AVP. Yes  I am a fan boy but certainly not blind in the opinions of others. See you in multi player in the weeks to come.
  11. fargin
    @heady, you need to take what gamespot gave you out of your mouth and close it. you are seriously dismissing this game pre-release just because some douche gave it a crap rating? you are a moron. I HAVE SPOKEN!!!

    pred forever
  12. PGP023
    As far as the demo goes , i thought it was great for a start.  Controls were fine for me on my pc laptop with max settings, game runs smoothly.  So for PC i didnt encounter any problems except at sometimes during the day every couple hours or so I might get disconnected form a serv or the serv host would shut down but didnt pose a threat  to game play.
  13. PGP023
    I knew sega would screw this game up in more ways than one for reviews.  Why sega for avp? WHY?WHY? WHY?   :'(    Anyway im still playing the game, its not like i got a choice between game developers for avp   ;)  
  14. a dead Canadian cat
    ya i meen theres like 1 flaws thats big, how its so fast its easy to start attacking something your not trying to thats a bout it :0 didnt deserve a 5.5
  15. Deathstrike
    ok first off if your posting about the controls/graphics you need to mention if your playing on pc or console. Because as far as i'm concerned PC will always rule over console. PC has far to many options compared to console, also mouse/keyboard will always beat controller. hands down. period.
        Everyone that has posted about loving the demo/not having a problem with controls or anything has played on PC as far as I can tell. I only play on PC due to the tighter controls and graphics options, and i'm not gonna pay retarded amounts of money for a shitty console.

    Finally all you morons saying this game sucks, or blah blah isn't good or something else isn't like its supposed to be. This is all based off a poorly ( I'll admit ) constructed demo that i personally had a blast with. so for all you haters.. piss off.
  16. Hicks_0998
    The first 2 were for PC and could you imagine using a controller for them? Hell no! I reckon Rebellion should have just stuck to the PC platform for this, for the sheer reason that douche bags like him will criticise the controls.  I have been a loyal AvP game fan since 1999 and will continue to be one.  The movies on the other hand can rot in hell.
  17. LilSaint
    They couldn't possibly be serious!!! Did they even play the same game that IGN UK reviewed?!?! I don't care what they say this is going to be a great game and when that happens they are going to owe Rebellion and SEGA an apology
  18. psychoanomaly
    Okay.. I agree with almost everything they said, but I'm still buying this. Sure, the controls aren't perfect, but I can deal with that. Graphics aren't superb either, but they definitely aren't bad... I'd say they are better then average, flawed, but sufficient.

    I HIGHLY doubt that the gameplay will bore me. They criticized the hell out of it in that video review, but all that footage just made me want it more! The campaign looks great...

    This game is worthy installment in the AVP series. It isn't as good as it could have been, but it isn't too far off either.  I'm a fan, and personally I would give this game no lower then an 8. But objectively, I would not expect any reviews lower then a 7. It's a good game. Gamespot was too harsh.

    Tomorrow morning!
  19. The Living Jungle
    This isn't a review, its crap. It doesn't show any facts or basis about what it says. The review states the levels are poorly designed and there are "little things" making it bad, along with poor controls. It doesn't tells us what those flaws are in level development, what the "little things" are, or what platform the controls are for and why they are bad. Shitty review, I will need facts and details before I decide against avp. I've played this demo on my PS3 and I didn't find the game un-enjoyable in the least bit.

    I agree with bozer on this one, I think it is about money and SEGA doesn't want to pay for good reviews.
  20. deGRESSOR
    It seems that everyone just wants to hear what they want to hear.  If you weren't so blinded by your love of Alien/Predator you'd see that while the game is good, it could be much better.  To me, the game looks a bit stiff and lifeless, lack of proper funds is the bad guy here.  Im hopeing this game generates enough revenue to inspire another game in the future, improved and perfected.
  21. Hannibal King
    Ben Reeves of GI gave Ghostbusters an 8 while giving AvP a 5.75. Kevin VanOrd gave Ghostbusters a 7.5 and Avp a 5.5 - I have trouble believing Ghostbusters TVG is that much better than AvP and I love that game. I know one is a third-person shooter and the other is a fps, but still.
    iv been playing the online demo ever since it came out, and bloody love it. i dont need a review to tell me whats good or not, i like the game nuff said. all these reviews are comparing it to bloody over-rated crap like MW2, not going to be a big hitter online u say, F off, u can bet everyone on AvPgalaxy will be playing it, LETS ROOOOCK
  23. Bio Mech Hunter
    See, I don't get the negative comments about the controls, or worse, the graphics. I've been playing both the 360 & PC demos like crazy, and I gotta say both control very well and both are gorgeous. Granted, they're the DEMO versions, but I highly doubt the full versions are going to be worse than the demo.
    I think the PC reviews will be better, based on controls and visuals alone.  FPS are not make for consoles... Sorry.  I cant imagine playing as an alien with anything other than a mouse and keyboard.  When these reviews come out, you can tell they are bitter toward anything other than COD or Halo.  THis game will have a strong and devoted following for multiplayer.  Anyone who comes in thinking they're gonna wtf pwn you becuase they played COD, is in for a rude awakening.  f**kem.
  25. KaizerDan
    god i love reality... every modern game that has come out has been scored way too high. Its nice that some people still pick games apart even if you dont agree with it, its for the average buyer and the die hard avp fan isnt average when it comes to this game.
    1....i think there is a little problem with the controls compared avp1,avp2 but after some hours you get use of them.
    2....its amazing to watch aliens and predators so wonderfull made in a game finnally but..they are right about the graphics
    (always compared with other new fps).
    3....about a part of a review where it says that after the first or second level of the marine campain,most of the areas are open and well lit: jungle+alien shooting=bad idea/
    jungle+predators=amazing.the 1999 avp was amazing because 99% of the game was in small dark corridors-rooms.
    4....LAMPLIGHT said something good.''I cannot really figure it out. There's a substantial difference between 5.5 and 8.5''
    BUT althought i will enjoy the game because i love avp universe i think they made it with their mind on xbox,ps3. and it looks more like an action fps and not so scary like the first avp.
    5....keep in mind that their review is written not only for us,the diehard fans of avp but also for people that havent played an avp game before.
    6....i hope the game will be better than it seems to be.
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