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AvP Released at Wal-Mart Early

While the official American release isn’t until Tuesday, it seems some retailers are selling the game early. The picture below is of the PC version and was taken at Wal-Mart yesterday. While people may get lucky and find it this early, you won’t be able to play multiplayer in the PC version until Tuesday due to the Steam activation.

 AvP Released at Wal-Mart Early

In related news, you can find some new concept art and alternate cover art from the game in this thread. There’s another couple of reviews over on TechDigest (4/5) and SeraphicGaming (8.6/10). Sega also posted their Community Q&A they did a few days ago. There’s a lot of interesting questions on there. Thanks to Donald for the news.

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  1. ak47blastin082
    I pre ordered the hunter editon for the ps3 and I just received this text. GameStop:Your Aliens vs Predator order avail Wed PM. Bring trades to save $. Mature Game - 17 or w/parent. Store# 609-702-5720. To end txt msgs reply STOP
    I called up the store to see if they ment tuesday and they said no it is wednesday and that 16 is the shipping date and won't be in their stores till wednesday evening. I wish they would let you know that when you preorder it. Was a lil pissed off but im patient and can wait especally for thoes downloadable skings and the 4 extra maps
  2. AvP 1-2 ftw...
    Let me get this right....  Rebellion = UK,,, But AvP is out in America and other places before the UK???  Is this Fox's doing? F--k that....   ???      >:(  
  3. robotjaw
    man i called everyone to see if it was out early but no luck! bummer, i want it for the ps3, i already got it preordered on steam to!  if anyone finds a place thats got em lemme know!
  4. SelectedArt
    f**k the Critics Ladies & gentlemen.
    Who loved Avp 1 & 2, will love this shit ;-).

    Just wish the Campaigns could be a little longer...
    Pred Campaign already done...:P

    HAve no possibility to post some footage...would if i could :).

    By the way Preatorians, are damn hard bitches in that marine you're so f**ked when one of them comes around...
    Great, so I preorder on steam.  Wont get to play till Tuesday, when I could have just walked into walmart and grabbed the game today...
  6. Mike’s Monsters
    It releases and ships on the 16th. Shipping normally takes a day to get to the stores.
    Some stores are getting it early, so you may get lucky and find it on the 16th.
    I know I am going out tomorrow to see if I can find any stores with the game on the shelves already.
  7. Mike’s Monsters
    Every Gamestop I have called says they are getting it on the 17th. I worked at Best Buy for 4 years, and we rarely got a game on it's release date unless it was a Call of Duty or Halo. We always got it the day after.
    My Best Buy connections are telling me that all the computers say their trucks will have the game delivered on the 17th.
  8. alpha defekt
    @ Cloud
    Alright, let me make this clear. Even though it says the 16th doesn't mean it will hit stores by that date. Only titles with an official 'street date' come in early for retail stores to sell by said date. Titles such as big name games like Halo, Call of Duty, Bioshock etc. Games which are not street dated normally come in the day after its shipdate. Recent example Star Ocean on Ps3 was supposed to be in stores in the 9th however it wasn't SD like Dante's Inferno or Bioshock 2 so it came in on the 10th. Judging by what the list of preoder games at my job, Avp didn't have 'street date written next to it like DI or Bio2. That's why. I imagine it won't show (at least in my area) until the 17th. However if by some chance they are out early that is great! Because i will buy mine as soon as it hits.

    Apparently this doesn't make sense to most except a select few. Which I imagine their job is similar to mine. :/ So I expect to be the 17th if it is sooner? That is just awesome because it will be sooner then I expected. ;)
  9. alpha defekt
    Yeah. I was sadened by the news of it not being street dated. Because normally non sd titles come out the day after ship date. In this case AvP's shipdate is the 16th meaning it would hit most retail stores on the 17th after coming off of flight shipments from the 16th. However ...seeing the news of it selling at Walmarts already gives me hope of a possible 16th sale. Fingers crossed!!!
  10. Alex
    I got assassin's creed 2 a day before release here in the uk, was that dated? I guess they send a few days early so you get it on the day, I suppose it's possible to receive a day or two  early? I dunno how avp and ac2 compare in terms of legalities though...
  11. alpha defekt
    Never has our store been fined for a game that clearly isn't street dated if sold early. Why? because they can't be. Certain games clearly have a street date warning on or in the box. Avp in our computer isn't such a title. So you ca be damn sure our store would sell it before the 16th if we got it in early. Sue me. ;)
  12. The Son of Paragus
    You CANNOT get a fine if you BUY it in a store (like walmart) but the STORE ITSELF can. Depends wich contracts are made ofcourse. Sometimes the release date is just an indication.

    @The store where i work, the goods come in 2 or at least 1 day ahead, only for the fact that itll be instore on the day of release at opening times. Not to be sold when you recieve it. I expect AVP to come in this wednesday or Thursday. (Europe)
  13. Salmonman
    Walmart probably won't get fined for breaking Street Date. No one will most likely.

    Walmart can risk it alot more than independent retailers though. They also have better lawyers to contest fines and such if they wish.
  14. thegreekgods
    Well to be safe us Americans should just curl up on the couch and wait for the good stores like Gamestop to open Tuesday and then run in to go get the game so we don't get fined.
  15. heady89
    Again @alpha  they're still not allowed to official sell it until 16th , 19th however sometimes they will send copies days before so people have it in their inbox on release day or one day before.
  16. alpha defekt
    Again, Walmart isn't going to be fined. This title is not street dated. Sure it was supposed to release the 16th, but if stores get it early they can begin selling as soon as possible. I'm looking in my computer at work right now. It doesn't have 'street dated' written next to it like other big release titles. So buy it if u find it.
  17. Salmonman
    Once again. will have copies, But do not have the ability to distribute copies until a date specified by the publisher. If they do so, They will be in breach of contract and fined.
    They aren't going to take a fine (last I heard, £30,000) happily.
    They're allowed to dispatch to guarantee Release Day arrival, so Thursday is likely. do not debit you until the order is Dispatched.

    Retailers like Wal-mart, who are huge moneymaking machines can risk the fines.
    You'll also see retailers like Wal-mart doing Release Day specials.

    For example. In the UK, MW2 and Fifa 10 were £25 on release day because the massive sales they have will offset the lesser profit per sale.

    AvP isn't on that scale of release so don't expect that however.

    Alpha Defekt:
    AvP is street dated. 16th in the US. 19th in UK.
    Release date = Street Day.
  18. The Son of Paragus
    I work in a Multimediashop and rules go as follows:

    Games are not to be sold before releasedate unless there is a strict conformation concurrentstores sell before you.

    Or you can sell them when the supplier gives a green light.

    If you do sell, (wich is always shown in the computer) you can expect fines up to 10.000 (€) So just play nice :P and stay out of trouble
  19. alpha defekt
    Because they are effin walmart. They get better shipments then other stores. Gamestop isn't selling it because they don't have it in yet. Just like myself. I'm currently at my gamestore working and wishing it was in so I can sell it to others and myself. :P Maybe monday will be the lucky day, but doubtful.
  20. TheBatman
    Drakolowe they will send you another e-mail when it is confirmed dispatched. You don't always get something early off them but you never know. I got Wolverine DVD five days early last year.
  21. Drakolowe
    hey guys i pre-ordered avp with on the 3rd of feb. but one thing is worryin me....thy havnt took any cash out of my bank. but i got a email sayin its gettin dispactched and etc.  should it of been paid for by now or is it becuase its a pre-order or something? need help   :-[      ???      ???  
  22. EU gamer
    Don`t you just love different release dates on different continents?    >:(     Why is it so hard to release the game the same day around the world? No wonder piracy is blooming, because of this kind of BS!
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