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Win a Limited Edition AvP Comic!

The American version of the AvP Hunter Pack comes with a limited edition AvP comic. Despite what that article claims, the comic is not going to be available outside the USA so AvPGalaxy and Dark Horse have teamed up to give those in Europe a chance to get their hands on this limited edition comic. We have the one copy to give away and it’s extremely simple to stand a chance at winning.

 Win a Limited Edition AvP Comic!

All you have to do is be able to answer this question: “Which character in Anderson’s AvP was a homage to an Alien/Predator comic writer?” Using Twitter, send your answer to AvPGalaxy by typing @avpgalaxy and then your answer in your Tweet bar.

You will need to be registered on Twitter to do this but it’s quick and easy and leaves you with a chance at getting your hands on this remastered piece of AvP literature history with brand new cover art by Raymond Swanland. Please be aware this competition is only for residents of European countries. We will be closing the competition Sunday night so you have three days to get your answers in. Good luck!

Update: The competition is now closed. I’d like to thank all our participants. Just hang in there, we’ll be announcing the winner later today.

Update 2: Congratulations to our winner Katarn84! The correct answer to the competition was Mark Verheiden. I’d like to thank everyone for participating and keep an eye out for our next competition.

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  1. Frizzlecat
    Congratulations, Katarn84! So, just for closure-sake, what WAS the answer? I'd like know if my detective skills in figuring it out were successful. I wonder what the next comp prize will be. Something just as awesome, no doubt.
  2. Frizzlecat
    Oooohhh, which lucky single European is going to win? Time's getting close, eeep, who's it gonna be? Ooohhh, I'm all a tingle of excitement. This will be a grand victory for the whole of Europe! We could do a rental system, like one country borrows it for a week, displays it in libraries for all to see and enjoy, then the next week another country gets a loan of it. Eventually, all 731 million people will have read it, and we can rejoice!
  3. W1tchHunter
    you know we shud just get the comic with the hunter edition -_- this is just pitiful everyone in america gets this anyway and one lucky person in europe is going to get the A comic, its totally fair. f**k america seriously   :-\  
  4. Frizzlecat
    I entered the comp a few days ago, but my Twitter name is slightly different to the one I use here, will that make a difference? Or do you just pick someone who twittered "@avpgalaxy answer" regardless of which name they use here? You just pick a twitterer?
  5. AvP RulZ101
    I already have the first avp omnibus what is so special about the one coming with the hunter's edition?  The new cover?   :(      :(  
  6. EpsilonOrpheon777
    Maybe its because Dark Horse Comics is an American comics creator. Or maybe it would cost quite a bit more to print enough for the whole world. Or maybe Rebellion only paid them enough to print them for us in the US. Idk
  7. Frizzlecat
    I noticed that the American version seems to come with mostly everything our 3 separate UK versions come with, but in one tidy package. Let's see...

    - Aliens vs. Predator game disc
    - Access to 4 multiplayer maps
    - Fully articulated Facehugger model*
    - Dark Horse Comics graphic novel (US only)*
    - Weyland-Yutani patch
    - 3D lenticular postcard
    - Limited Edition packaging*

    The Comic AND the Facehugger!? C'mon, that aint fair. I'd have to buy 2 different packages to get that (£80, assuming the comic was available in the UK). I wanted that Facehugger so much, and now I want the comic even more, but I can't afford the special editions. Americans are so spoiled. Why is the comic not available here? Makes me   >:(   . I want it so much, it looks fantastically cool.
  8. Chaos Lord
    Seems to be a little problem with the ps3 lobby sometimes for me i can't join a game even when i refresh it says lobby full or can't connect or match has already started even tho it says 5/8 or 7/8. It gets a bit annoying when u can't get into a game when u want to.
    All i want to do is just play play play lol
  9. Katarn84
    Registered to twitter just for this comic... damn you for not putting it in the Italian box!   >:(    
    I'll delete my twitter account once this thing is finshed.
  10. Vull
    lawlz... got my pc and 2 xbox limited editions.. though why a friggin face hugger?.. should of made a pred helmet or alien head or marine pulse rifle... ah well..

    gonna keep one boxed up and sell it in about 10 years for 5,000 or so... rofl
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