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  1. Viscus
    Pretoarian i think is the one that the marine deals with, and melee it.

    Looking forward to the game release.

    Gonna' crack the campaign first though to get a strong feel for each species   :D  
  2. Stuntman
    yea praetorian looks good and scary head shape... but i agree with the witch. in avp2 if you was a marine OR predator and you saw a praetorian you kept your distance unless you were hell with a spear as a predator or good at sniper headshots with a marine...but NEVER would you go hand to hand wit dat bitch...   :o  
  3. W1tchHunter
    wow the praetorian getting beaten to the floor is lame :S on the AVP2 the praetorians where massive now there as big and weak as regular drones wtf
  4. vwpredator
    @ brian c this is a first person shooter so therefore you see in first person view they arent gonna change it like concrete jungle which was third person view i personally like everything about the game ....stoked on the celtic mask
  5. Brian c
    wow cant believe the graphics, looks like a real movie. Will the origional predator be in the game? wolf? predator2? they need to change the predator vison to be more blurred like in predator concrete jungle. The vison was perfect, weapons need to be more blurred. Also they need to add the origional predator vision sounds just like predator concrete jungle with 3 visions. Last, they need to change the camera appearance for you to play the species seeing their whole self not just first person.
  6. Nico
    At the risk of sounding stupid, what exactly is a Praetorian?

    I'm excited about this game, but I think the demo could hurt their chances of selling more games.
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