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Alien Gameplay Trailer Released

Following on from their Marine gameplay trailer, Sega have just released an Aliens gameplay video. This one shows a brief section of the first Alien level in which Number 6 frees numerous other Aliens and you all go on a lovely little killing spree. You witness an AI Alien performing a trophy kill and one of the royal jelly canisters at the very start of the video::

Thanks to Ikarop for the news.

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  1. Slicer Jen
    Supposedly the royal jelly molts a warrior or drone into a Queen Mother, which is above the normal queens in the hierarchy. Normal queens develops in a host if the colony needs one. It's on wikipedia if you REALLY want to get nose deep in the literature. But essentially royal jelly is a valid nature phenomenon with bees, used similarly to produce queens from a larval stage.
  2. Papa Nerf
    Wow - I can't wait.  Now you can fight alongside other AI Aliens!  This alone is a step up from AVP 2.  I seriously think Game Informer needs to fire its staff and pull their heads out of their butts.  This game is, as said before, made for the fans by the fans!
  3. vull
    looks good, i like how alien cpu/ai trophy/finisher killed that poor human with its tail..

    what makes me laugh every time i see an alien player is the noobs dont use auto transition. they just spam jump.. maybe thats why u guys suck. a pred /marine online will shoot infront of you aka leading the target.. and u jump right into the fire / plasma / disc... try auto transition and moving all over the place..
  4. HarshArbitor
    Hey if anybody wants to add me on Xbox Live then here my gamertag is: HarshArbitor. Just looking for people to play with on multiplayer.
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