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NECA To Do Predator Figures

Toy company NECA has been responsible for Alien and Predator figures for the past couple of years, doing several series’ based on AvPR and a Giger and Cameron Alien. Horror Bid have just posted up that they will be doing a Predator series:

“We have confirmed with NECA’s Head of Product Development, Randy Falk, that the collectibles company will be producing action figures based on Predator, Predator 2 and the upcoming Nimród Antal directed entry, Predators. The figures will focus on the Predators and their many unique looks as seen in the three films. No human characters are immediately planned, though they are a possibility in the future“.

The news originally came from but the source article seems to be down. Thanks to Lt. Mike Harrison for the news.

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  1. Gort Pred
    Jt I want the 7 inch figures! I love hot toys but I have NO MONEY for them. I don't care what anybody says, the money is not worth it. I have the 2 NECA wolf figs and I love them. The size is perfect. I also think NECA will do a much better job on P1 and P2 then MCF did.
  2. Jt
    I seem to be the only one who wants 7 inch figures rather than 12 inch. Hot Toys can handle all 12 inch, that's what they do best, but I want smaller scale figures to go with my already owned AVP:R figures, as well as the Neca Alien and Aliens figures. Don't know why they don't make a Ripley and Dutch while they are at it, I'm sure it's not that hard to the rights to Sigourney's likeness, and they already have Arnold's from their Terminator line.
  3. Mattdevastator
      >:D    THis is f**king awesome news.  I always knew Neca would do it, the question remaining was when.  To improve upon mcfarlane's efforts there needs to be good articulation, a removable mask with adjustable mandables to fix facial expressions for both the main predators of the first two movies.  More accurate to screen sculpt and detail.  Last but not least figures that were not made yet.  For instance the (AUTHENTIC) Elder from predator 2 not Avp.  No offense but the cape was a dumb touch.  There also needs to be a scar, Celtic, and CHopper Pred with all of what i mentioned.  Neca also needs to make them unbreakable, particularly the wristblades.  Not too much to worry about on that issue aside from the aliens figs.  As much as I love the warrior alien from Aliens, it's way too delicate.  I recently bought one that broke in the package so I'm waiting on my new one the website is shipping to me as compensation.
  4. Spoon
    Hot Toys is way better then NECA.
    I own the predator 1 from Hot Toys and i have to say Its well worth the money and I'm not even a collector.  I just had to have it.
    Im just waiting for a Alien warrior from aliens by hot toys.
  5. Tim
    Let's hope it has real netting mask can come off move arcticulation big long dread locks awsome detail on face and body and not miss a single detail stay true to the movie
  6. Gort Pred
    great. I always thought they should do their own version of the Predators. I was thiking, Predator 1, Predator 2, Scar, Celtic, Chopper/Gill, and the new Predators
  7. Jt
    This is great news, I could always use more Predator figures. I still have my McFarlane Predator 1, but it has virtually no poseability. I'm hoping these new Neca figures will be just as poseable as their AVP:R ones, and that the release date isn't as far away as next Spring. Neca hasn't made shit for awhile, so they better step up. Mezco has been dominating the market for the last 2 years or so.
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