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  1. vwpredator
    awesome trailer and very informative and i can see when i play the demo that everyone is starting to really get the hang of this combat system all in all i am so stoked on this game its so intense
  2. Darklarik
    ok, has anyone noticed that unless you have an awsome connection melle combat is a fail? i mean, like every second in a fight counts so when you data is going slow you cant process attacks and counters fast enough to surive.ex: a person starts chargin a heavy attack, i send out a light attack, but because the data is to slow, the counter dosent kick in fast enough and i end up taking the blow even though i contered correctly. so i end up having to avoid mele combat because people with better connection always beat me.its the same for the block counter, or just plain attack, the damage anymation of the other player getting hurt comes in like 3 seconds after i hit him, and i perform stealth kill 5 sec after i grabbed him, he then teleports back to me from afar! Almost everything I do I has a 5 sec delay, so if I grab someone, in the 5 second delay he has time to damage me, its frustrating.not to mention some marines seem to be able to shoot through walls, because the damage from bullets comes 5 second after, when i thote i had succesfully retreated. so as good an idea the combat system is, with out awsome internet connection you are screwed with lag.
  3. nyce
    After watching this video, I hope whiners realise, this is gonna be an epic game, even that we have a pre-release demo, you just need to learn the combat system. I didnt know marines can block! Now lets get back ingame and kick some bug ass!
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