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  1. titiwaka
      :D      ;D      :-\      ::)      ???      ???      :)      :D      :-X      :P      :-[      8)      >:D      >:D      >:(      :o      :(      >:(      ;)      ;)      ;)      :)      ???      :-[      :D      ;D      :(      :-*      :-\      :P      :)      ;)      :-[      :-\      :-X      ;D      >:(      :o      :o      8)      :D      :D      ::)      ???      :P      :P      :-[      :-\      >:D      :-*      :(      ;D      :)      :(  
  2. DarkR
    heres a thought...maybe those are the controlls/weapons for the demos we've been seeing. besides the layout isnt like a manual for any xbox game i've bought. looks more like a pdf file.
  3. RgularJohn
    it would be sad if those weapons would not be included. The minigun and granadeluncher were epic in the games and the movie. Also the net and spear gun just are a must!

    You know what... in mauals they usually don't reveal all the weapons. I know they haven't been seen in any trailers but rebellion is not that stupid to leave them out by. At least they should have a dlc with them, which would be  kind of bad, if we have to pay for them extra.
  4. sad
    Sure they weren't in the Alien movies, but the minigun and rocket-launcher were major weapons in both of the AvP games, and so were the pistol and speargun. And yes, the net-gun was in Predator 2... definitely would love to see it in some DLC...
  5. AmanChan
    The net gun was first seen in Preator 2... ACTUALLY... and it was a usefull weapon in the last AVP game, I am a little upset that the weapon list is so very tiny.... Speargun will be missed by me. The plasma pistol was in AVPR. Yes you're right, the mini gun was really only because it was in the first Predator movie.

    They should add like... a jungle comando campain for AVP, with all the weapons they used in the first Predator movie
  6. Ephemeriis
    Looking over the weapons list, I am not disappointed.  I won't miss the netgun or plasma pistol...  Neither one of those is really a traditional Predator weapon.  We didn't see a netgun until the first AvP movie, which sucked.  And I don't believe I've ever seen the plasma pistol in any movie.  The spear gun has some precedence from Predator 2...  But we only ever saw the one spear-tip thing, so there's no telling where it game from.  As far as the minigun...  I've never seen anyone in the USCMC firing a minigun.
  7. sad
      :(      >:(    No speargun, netgun, or plasma pistol?! WHAT?!

    AND no minigun or rocket-launcher...

    These better be available for DLC... these are all
    essential. Especially the speargun and minigun.

    The flamethrower is badass, but the flame animations seem really jaggy..
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