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AvP Infestation Mode Trailer!

Yet another trailer has been released. This time it’s for Infestation Mode where one player starts the match as an Alien Hunter and their task is to kill the Marine prey. When a Marine player is killed they will join the Alien Hunter team and help to kill off any remaining Marines. Check the video out here or stream below:

It’s definitely one of the better trailers. Like before, hopefully Sega will post it in HD soon. Thanks to rzrzkid for the news.

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  1. Reaper
    @cabbageheat,   ???    
    dude really? Come on dude seariously there are gameplay trailers lieing all over the place take a moment to actually watch them.
  2. logans folly
    Are you being serious? you can see as much gameplay as you want from lots of sources on this very site?

    10 mins pred footage with NO editing at all!!??
    10 mins marine ect ect just hit the video section.
  3. cabbageheat
    cool. but enough of this fast editing crap.  LONGER gameplay footage please.  by now many games would have given closer looks....I have my doubts as to how good this game is really going to be.
  4. Reaper
    This makes me truely feel even stronger about my opinion. This game will make all others look like childs play well done rebellion well done!   :o      8)  
  5. Bugswarm
    Lets not forget DLC'S~~~~ Steam now owns the DLC land   >:D     New maps, new skins, new side chapters, new everything!!! Make some DLC's for us Rebelion!! We trust you to deliver good stuff. Give us EVAC!!
  6. SableUk
    looking good, this is going to be a damn fine game, cant wait for the demo to see whether it will fulfill my expectations, do you reckon youll be able to use the "hiss" thing in multiplayer
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