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Sharp Talks Fast Track To Heaven

Comic writer and artist, Liam Sharp, recently talked to Comic Book Resources regarding the upcoming novella he is creating for Dark Horse, Fast Track to Heaven:

“The Aliens universe is quite convoluted so – given that my story is relatively short – I wanted it to be accessible to anybody, and as close as I could get in tone to the original movie,” Sharp told CBR. “[Editor Chris Warner] wanted something that really pitted the everyman with the Alien, so my story is very much about the humans, too. It’s set at a contemporary time to the first movie, more or less, and you’ll see some of the design elements are taken from that. I’ve also made a few clear nods to the original classic Walt Simonson graphic adaptation of the movie, which was terrific. Other than that, I’ve avoided looking at other Aliens comics – there’s too much temptation to be influenced!”

Sharp talks a great deal about the project and his aims for the comic. The article also includes a 2 page preview that looks absolutely wonderful. This is certainly one to keep our eyes on boys and girls. Aliens: Fast Track to Heaven is due out June 16, 2010.

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