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AvP Multiplayer Modes Summary

Sega have posted a basic summary of the seven multiplayer modes in Aliens vs. Predator on their blog. Check it out below:

If you love a game with frantic, brutal chaos then Death Match in AVP multiplayer is for you. It’s all about getting the most kills in the time limit set. Players can also win the match by hitting the target score before anyone else.

For total over-whelming mayhem, nothing comes close to the tension and potential for pant-wetting scenarios than INFESTATION. One player starts the match as an Alien Hunter and their task is to kill the Marine prey. When a Marine player is killed they will join the Alien Hunter team and help to kill off any remaining Marines.

just like Death Match, but with mixed species. Two teams, made up from all three species fight to get the most kills in the set time limit or to reach the target score before the other team.

For the ultimate test of stamina, play Survivor Mode. Survivor allows for up to four players to enter an arena to fight waves of progressively stronger aliens. Each arena will be set up with two main areas. One will be a platform which is relatively easy to defend; the other will be an area where ambush by aliens is more likely. Supplies of health and ammo will re-spawn in this second area.

If you’re after a more stealthy multiplayer game go for Predator Hunt. In this mode one player is selected to become the Predator Hunter, the rest of the players take the role of the Marine prey. The Hunter must use the Predator’s stealth abilities and advanced equipment to pick off the prey and score points. The Marines will need to defend themselves from this threat and if possible, to kill the Hunter.

Species Death Match pits a Marine team, Alien team and Predator team against each other in a race to get the most kills within the set time limit or to reach the target score before any of the other teams.

Take capture the flag to a whole new level with Domination. In Domination two teams fight for ownership of Control Points around the level. Owning a Control Point gives the team a small and steady, stream of points. The more Control Points owned, the more that team scores. A team will win when their score has reached 100 points.

Thanks to Ikarop for the news.

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Comments: 37
  1. game modes look linear
    great game but looks bland,

    why not aliens vs humans, your roles medic/ enginerr, gunner and your ogjectives to secure the area while your other 3 friends have this huge labrynth and must work to the end like l4d get split up you die, and the rooms change to limit cheaters so the games always fresh stuff like that, games these days have a un revolving map
  2. TitsMcGee
    Do any of you remember the mode where one is a facehugger and then theres marines and predators, and depending on the species you Hug it changes your alien, Like corp marines= regular Pred= Predalien And that other human faction = Fasties and so on a so forth
  3. rageoutcast
    never mind i just found out i cant be 100% sure that splitscreen is going to be on but a guy told me he saw a sweedish magazine showing alien versus predators splitscreen mode it only showed survivor though no other modes
  4. game over man ,,game over
    wats evac? sorry dudes didnt play alot of the online back wen avp 1 and 2 came out! played it a little and played the campaigns but im a much bigger fan now!! but i here ive missed out massively!   >:(    u live and learn!
  5. pengalengz
    given up all hope of finding out the games split screen, I managed to cope without whilst playing burnout paradise   ;D    games looks tha part if its half as good as 99 version its a winner
  6. Predalien
    theres a lot of gameplay vids in ign that I dont think its here. But maeby I just dont know what the site wants to put so sorry if I sound dumb
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