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AvP Classic Multiplayer Beta Released

Rebellion recently re-released their original Aliens vs Predator via Steam in middle of January. That release came without the multiplayer aspect of the game which has since had its first beta released:

* Integrated with Steam overlay
* Uses Steam name
* Host/join games via bare-bones in-game lobby browser
* Can invite and join friends and other players via the Steam overlay
* Currently no way to create private games (will patch)
* Game attempts host migration
* Dedicated servers are not supported or planned
* Supports windowed mode with –w command line switch

For those who have already downloaded the game, just launch Steam up and then AvP and your update should already been there. This is only a beta release and is still somewhat buggy at the moment but that should all be updated in time.

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Comments: 29
  1. Mike’s Monsters
    I don't know if "MICKY" can live without AvP3.
    But I know "Mikey" can.
    Sure, I am excited and all, very. But I do live a life outside of these franchises.
    Now Photography and Photoshop... I probably couldn't live without those...
  2. JD
    Its so BUGGY.

    Not 1 server is smooth, half the time you cant tell whats going on as people are moving around so fast.

    They need to Slow the game down, You can just run and jump everywhere and NEVER get killed. i dont remember it being like that back in the day
  3. es_woody
    after all this time/hardwork the COMMUNITY put into the classic avp game. over at nvidia forums " just google nvidia avp gold fix" rebellion finnaly comes around and fixes thier game. congrats   btw aliens are OP and freshfood hax :-))
  4. Force
    beta demo!? this is the full avp gold version of the game, with added multiplayer support! bargain of the century. you'd be absolutely mad not to pick this up for 3 quid or 5 dollars
  5. lawrence
    1 dont you ever say about mulitplayer beta now put it somewere not in the news i got all hyped when i saw AVP mulitplayer beta
    2. MAC'S COME WITH WINDOWS XP when you start it up click on windows   :o  
  6. Reaper
    At first my brain skipped over "Classic" and I thought it was the MP Demo of the new one lol.

    Same here I started to freak out lol.
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