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Alien Campaign Opening Video

In Gamespot’s On The Spot segment, they speak to Tim Jones and have a five-minute walkthrough of the opening of the Alien campaign. It’s entirely new, I believe because the leaked clip the other week didn’t have this footage. The cut-scene shows you being born in a laboratory and you have to break out and free other aliens. If you watch the video on Gamespot, there’s a quick shot of the Queen at the beginning of the segment.

Thanks to Stay_Frosty and ikarop for the news.

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  1. Tom
    The interviewer (Ricardo) asked a pretty lame question:"So why are we in a bad mood killing people?" Has he not seen the Alien / Aliens movies or did he just ask that stupid question to be an ass? I wonder how some people get in the gaming industry.
    The game looks pretty good, but it was too easy to escape (just climb into a vent).
    The humans never learn :) hehe. I thought the escape plan was more genious in Alien 4 (ressurrection), still that movie suck.
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